… So what does your being single have to do with me?

That’s what I asked him. He didn’t delay in telling me that he had said before he would be back for me so there he was. I was still taken aback by his seemingly cavalier ‘I’m so sure of myself’ behaviour. Here, this 6’2″ ‘ish’ structure of a man stood in front of me, his skin, light brown and supple, still showing its youth. His fat dimpled cheeks that seemed to have a life of their own when he would crack that plastic smile.

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Blogging Newbie.

UntitledHey you, yes you! Welcome to -as you will soon come to realize and admit- the most awesome blog ever! Yes,  i’ll be the first to admit that that was a bit cliche and corny  (I rolled my eyes too) but you will be treated with jaw dropping accounts of the most basic shit ever, and the thing is, you will love every bit of it. Continue reading