Blogging Newbie.

UntitledHey you, yes you! Welcome to -as you will soon come to realize and admit- the most awesome blog ever! Yes,  i’ll be the first to admit that that was a bit cliche and corny  (I rolled my eyes too) but you will be treated with jaw dropping accounts of the most basic shit ever, and the thing is, you will love every bit of it.

I am new, like terribly new to blogging. But! I have things on my head that needs to be put somewhere, so why not on paper or electronic paper so to speak and why not while I’m at it, put it some place where the whole world will see it. Yes, I’m dramatic like that.

So, why exactly am I blogging? Je ne sais pas. I always wondered in my own little head space why tf do people sit on their asses all day or maybe night (because some persons probably prefer to sit on their asses at night I guess) and just document their life for the whole world to see. As if I am meandering about my day wondering, ‘hmmm, I wonder what Jane had for breakfast today?, let me go check her blog’.

Nope, that sort of thing was beyond my level of comprehension and for the life of me I couldn’t understand the craze. I still can’t, however I understand clutter, and mental clutter, and thoughts and emotions and negativity and doubt and a host of other stuff that would be better served in a trash can of some sort on schedule for its 8 o clock pick up.

Now that my fingers are going there are so many things I want to blurt out. Just free the thoughts. Sigmund Freud the main proponent of psychoanalysis -which in it’s simplest form speaks to talking as a means of catharsis- believed that “people could be cured by making conscious their unconscious thoughts and motivations, thus gaining insight.”

While the theory is a bit more complex than what I am alluding to, I wholly subscribe to the idea of ‘talk therapy’ as he informally referred to it, as it is perhaps  the best and only reason I can attribute to my decision to blog.

I am approaching the end of this entry (who am I kidding, I reached the end a few paragraphs back) and I am already beginning to feel relieved of the burdening thoughts. Whew, it’s like ghost busters are in my head raising hell, zapping all those lingering thoughts and lining them up to be splattered across your computer screen. Hope you had fun reading, and I’ve whet your appetite for what is to come. Till we meet officially in my -see title reference above- be safe, be bold, be happy, live, love, laugh, be good or bad, just be you.


Published by k.b etceterra

An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

24 thoughts on “Blogging Newbie.

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Enjoy writing, sharing experiences and growing along the way! As you keep at it you gradually notice the passive improvement from when you started ☺

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  2. Welcome fellow blogger.I started a month or two back as well, and like you I didn’t get it, but my story is little similar but different and I’ll be posting it soon. But trust me as you will move along, you would find a whole new world and more clutter in your brain too :-0 , but have fun blogging.:-)

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