Who is this ‘Society’ that everyone keeps talking about?


Every so often, I hear mention of this ‘Society’ somebody who seemingly dictates what people do, how people act, what people should wear, who people should date. I mean for someone as powerful, knowledgeable and opinionated as ‘Society’ i’d sure as hell like to meet him, and I say him because everything seemingly great and profound has to be a ‘him’.

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Is there really a right or wrong way to blog?

My motivation to blog was based solely on the need for catharsis. I felt like I’d reached my boiling point in life, perhaps that is a bit dramatic, but I felt the need to decompress and de-clutter my tumescent brain. There were just too many things swirling around in my head that I needed to get out. At that point I searched the internet in frenzied desperation looking for a space where I could just blurt it all out. Where what I had to say would be free from criticism, advice, opinions, I just wanted to write.

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Oh the things you’ll miss Leanna Napoleon!


Life on my little speck for the most part, is peaceful and uneventful. Individuals meander along their day living their lives and carrying on with whatever it is they’re doing.   However, there are times, once in a very blue moon, when something so gruesome, so heartless, so unimaginable occurs that it renders our tiny population speechless, petrified and clenching to our loved ones just a little bit tighter.

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