Who is this ‘Society’ that everyone keeps talking about?


Every so often, I hear mention of this ‘Society’ somebody who seemingly dictates what people do, how people act, what people should wear, who people should date. I mean for someone as powerful, knowledgeable and opinionated as ‘Society’ i’d sure as hell like to meet him, and I say him because everything seemingly great and profound has to be a ‘him’.

I would like to place on record my official invitation to ‘Society’ to join me for tea so that I can tap into your vast knowledge base on how people should live their lives. I’m telling you, I’ve tried it on my own and from what I’ve been told of you ‘Society’ I’d say I have failed miserably.

In the interim though, I’d like for you to tell me why it is you think that at a towering 5’8″ as a woman I cannot date a 5’0″ man? Or why the woman is the one tarred and feathered when a man pursues her while conveniently forgetting to mention the fact that he is married or otherwise unavailable? And why is she further persecuted for falling in love and not wanting to leave even after the fact?

Why is it I cannot look like Sasquatch and wear a mini skirt at the same time? Can you tell me please ‘Society’ why is it a girl cannot shave her head and wear a wig? Or why can’t she shave her eyebrows and replace them with pencil or tattoos?

Why do you insist that I cannot wear the same outfit to two different events in the same month? Why can’t I have two boyfriends at the same time? Why when relationships break up the mother is the default parent? Why can a guy have sex with an entire colony of women and be called a stud but a woman a whore for doing the exact same thing with men?

depositphotos_23369718_xsWhy is it a man’s world (or so they say)? Why do I have to “take care” of a man years after his mother would have done that for him? Why do I have to clean the house, wash the clothes, do the dishes and take care of the kids because I’m a woman? Why do I have to stifle my unpopular opinion because it is unpopular? Why do you want to be so influential in my life? Why must I go to University and get an education if I want to be successful in life?

Society, there are so many other things I would like for us to discuss about life for which you seem to have all the answers. How can I please you without compromising my unique individuality? How do I do what you want and remain true to my beliefs? Am I even allowed to have beliefs, opinions?

Or should I just live my life based on the fickle nature of your opinions? Should I wait around until you decide I should do this or that? When I step out of my house with my head high confident in my skimpy short shorts and my barely there bralette should I cover up because you scoff and murmur?

Is my existence in this world dependent on how well I follow your rules Mr. Society? When can we meet for tea, for I would like to have a chat with you on the blatant disparity which exists in our world and how, why, when, where did we get here.

Published by kedawithani

An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

6 thoughts on “Who is this ‘Society’ that everyone keeps talking about?

      1. I’m laughing. I think every woman should live in Seattle for a few months. They are very outdoorsy and natural. Imagine my Italian mother always asking if I have makeup, earrings and lipstick on. THEN I am in Seattle where they let their hair go gray, wear fleece jackets, hiking boots and hardly any makeup – lipstick was rare. I EVEN embraced this NEW way. Very freeing. I do need mascara though. There are some limits, right! :).

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