Operation Fit into that dress by November is a go!


So it turns out my eating habits and my wanting to fit into an absolutely gorgeous dress are mutually exclusive. I’ve been meaning to lose some weight but every time I had that thought I would follow it with a slice of pizza- my favoritest food of allllll time or my terribly sinful guilty pleasure-chocolate. Continue reading


End Procrastination in 1 Step!


“My name is Keda with an I and I am a ‘procrastinatorcoholic’,!” That’s what I recited in my mirror today for the umpteenth time and every other time before that whenever I decided to recommit to a commitment that I’d yet to follow through on. I have no clue why I go through this ritual, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I think, if I do things in reverse, they will magically change for the better. Or maybe, just maybe, if I click my heels, and close my eyes really tightly enough, I will achieve what ever it is I set out to achieve in record time.

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Expectation vs. Reality

put-my-hair-in-braids-expectation-reality-13586035So, I finally decided to chop all my hair off after weeks of coaxing and debating with myself. My 4c nappy hair was dead and crispy and totally lacking in love and attention. I could hear every strand screaming in pain with every stroke of my comb -crunch, crunch, crunch. ¬†Youtube is full of hair zealots so I viewed a few videos on hair care and then and there promised my hair I’d do better.

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Staring down the barrel of a gun!


During my commute to work the other day, I over heard a conversation, well not exactly overheard, I actually had no choice but to hear it with the manner in which it was being carried on. Nevertheless, I heard the clamorous bellowing back and forth about the hardships of life and how bad families treated each other; so and so fighting over this and that following the death of  family member X.

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Dear Girls…


There will come a time in your lives when you’ll venture into the realm of relationships and when you do so, you will feel confident in the soundness of the years of preparation that you’d previously undergone by Hollywood . Those ‘happily ever after’ endings, where the girl always gets the man of her dreams will ring in your mind, you, all gleeful and eager for that special meet-cute to occur. Continue reading