Operation Fit into that dress by November is a go!

So it turns out my eating habits and my wanting to fit into an absolutely gorgeous dress are mutually exclusive. I’ve been meaning to lose some weight but every time I had that thought I would follow it with a slice of pizza- my favoritest food of allllll time or my terribly sinful guilty pleasure-chocolate.

End Procrastination in 1 Step!

“My name is Keda with an I and I am a ‘procrastinatorcoholic’,!” That’s what I recited in my mirror today for the umpteenth time and every other time before that whenever I decided to recommit to a commitment that I’d yet to follow through on. I have no clue why I go through this ritual,Continue reading “End Procrastination in 1 Step!”

Staring down the barrel of a gun!

During my commute to work the other day, I over heard a conversation, well not exactly overheard, I actually had no choice but to hear it with the manner in which it was being carried on. Nevertheless, I heard the clamorous bellowing back and forth about the hardships of life and how bad families treatedContinue reading “Staring down the barrel of a gun!”


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