Women go through a ton of Shit- ‘Imma’ blog about it!

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I started blogging in June then actively started again in August; so a little over three months, inconsistency and 39 followers after, well 40 (apparently I’m following myself) I am here still a klutz at this trying to find my niche. 

I tried blogging before with google but that was short-lived. I would open that blank page, eager to create a masterpiece bursting with profound wisdom on any of life’s ubiquitous unanswerable questions and then, poof the musing was gone. 

Recently though, after finally putting a horrific ‘relationshit’ behind me and all the drama that came with it including baby mama, fiancee, the chick on the side side side -all of whom were different individuals -Oh yeah! They were legion. I decided to blog about it. Not rant about it, or bitch about it– just talk about it because I still couldn’t process the bullshittery that I’d endured.

So I guess I wanted to put it on paper where I could see it and by the same token where someone else would see it and gain something useful from it. Coincidentally, my experience has heightened my awareness of just how much women endure abuse from men and refuse to leave these predators. I still cannot fathom that phenomena or maybe I can, turns out emotional/psychological abuse is a bitch.  I assure you I am not bitter nor have I condemned men to the eternal flames of hell. I am however passionate!

I am beginning to realise my POV for my blog. A topic that is as perennial as the sky, has been discussed for time immemorial and will continue long after we are gone- Women. While my blog will feature a few stray articles about absolute randomness Its central theme will be Women – Sex, Love, Success (cliche I know) all from My Vantage Point.

Feel free to weigh in on topics that I discuss, wisdom (as if I know that much) I would want to impart and tidbits of advice on all things women-related. Yes I will be dispensing sage advice on how to keep the nappy in your hair in addition to my flawless no-make up routine I’ve mastered for most of my life and everything in between.

I feel a disclaimer coming on; I am not a man hater– really, I’m not. I’m not even a feminist and my one shitty experience surely does not qualify me to dispense oracle-like counsel. But as universal as these experiences are, my experience, my response, my reaction, my pain, my hurt would never be the same as yours. That I think is what defines the uniqueness of our lives. So what the fuck, I’m going to write about mine and hopefully along the way, what I have to say -as clumsily as I say it- will help, comfort or empower some woman out there. 

Shout out to my followers, thank you so much for finding value in what I write.




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An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

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