Discomforts Only A Woman Would Understand!

Now this man right here, was a savage beast; a monster, he made no bones about the reason I was there. I was so young(er) and naive, thinking he would be gentle, it being my first time and all.

When he was ready (my readiness was not of importance to him), he looked me deep into my eyes, opened his mouth; I was waiting with bated breath to hear him utter something sweet, reassuring you know, butter a sister up will yah. What I heard instead was, take off your panties and lie on the bed. 

I was like what the fuck! Dude could you pretend to be a little romantic, what ever happened to foreplay? Kissing is still a thing you know! Not so crass with your coarse, frigid disconnectedness. I went onto the bed and all I heard was the sound of latex snapping (pish, pish). 

He grabbed the sheet that I’d  clinged to for protection (yeah I know what you’re thinking), lifted it up as if he were assessing my lady parts. He told me to set my feet on the bed so that my bent knees would reveal my pink taco in all its naked glory.

He grabbed my legs – one under his arm and the other prying open. I was like slow down cowboy! Nice and slow; turns out he couldn’t hear the thoughts in my head because that kinky bastard mercilessly gorged my vagina with the most freakishly looking sex toy ever!

Of course everything inside of me, no pun intended, clenched down like a vice-grip. He quickly told me that I needed to relax else he wouldn’t be able to properly thrust his contraption deeper inside of me. Whaa…Whattt? Deep… Errr inside me!? 

He then took the tiniest, what looked like a spatula, I’d ever seen and began scrapping my insides! I had no clear view of what he was doing down there but it was extremely uncomfortable. 

As if that wasn’t enough of a violation, he pulled out the horrendous duck bill, gelled two of his long, bony, knife-like fingers and proceeded to administer the most uncomfortable fingering I’d ever experienced.

I was like a spastic centipede after being assaulted by a shoe. After regaining my composure from such a horrific episode -I’m all wet without the pleasure of an orgasm-he pulls off the latex, looks at me with no remorse and says same time same place next year!



Published by k.b etceterra

An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

31 thoughts on “Discomforts Only A Woman Would Understand!

    1. Yikessss… a stretch and what…please tell me there is a nicer name for that procedure, one that does not sound so daunting… I’ve actually never heard of that till ‘google’ a min. ago…lol…eek…!

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  1. Next time this man comes around to do the same, dumble press his balls with whatever you are comfortable with……he will know some discomfort for sure….:)….and then maybe he will feel what you have felt…..

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  2. You are an amazing and true writer. The way you play with the words it’s worth a trophy. Have a lot of your posts to catch up and can’t wait for the upcoming ones. Keep being you 🤗

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  3. Oh my! At first I thought I was reading a VERY different post. I’m glad it’s about the experience of the super fun annual exam. Phew! But, ugh. I agree. Not my favorite time of year. I enjoyed the post (but don’t enjoy the exam.)

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  4. As I was reading this, I kept checking the name of the blog above. I kept thinking, “I’ve read posts on kedawithani before and I’m pretty sure they weren’t of a sexual nature.” I didn’t get it until the very end 😂
    (I’m not myself today, that’s my only excuse)

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