100 Followers, Soca Me Crazy…!!!!


So something really amazing happened today and if you haven’t guessed it yet, well, I hit 100 followers! Like holy hell yayyyyyy! First of all I want to thank everyone who has dared follow my blog! You guys are real MVPs!

Secondly, to celebrate this milestone, for those of you not familiar (I hardly think there is anyone who isn’t) I wanted to treat you to some Caribbean culture and tell you one undeniable fact about me. I LOVE MUSIC! Sooooo… in the words of Brother Bob (Marley) “…Hit me with music…!”

Soca music is life in the Caribbean, dance hall coming a distant second. I don’t have a favorite genre (I LOVE em all) but, but, but– nothing, and I mean ‘Nuffin’ gets my feet tapping, waist gyrating, body moving, sweat pouring like Socaaaa!!!7ezfCs

Artists such as Machel MontanoDestra GarciaFarmer NappyPatrice RobertsShanna Raymond, our very own home grown Small Axe Band are a few that you mos def have got to check out. Give them a listen and celebrate with me! This is by no means an exhaustive list, no way, not at all feel free to explore the genre peeps. Let the music hit you ( the only kind of abuse acceptable).

What about you? Are you familiar with Soca music? What do you think about the rhythms? Let’s talk about sweet sweet Soca in the comments!

In a few months I will be inviting you all to experience our world renowned (if you have never heard about it then you live under a rock) St. Kitts/Nevis Sugar Mas National Carnival. Simply Awesommmmeeee…Stay tuned!



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An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

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