Are You a Single Mom? Like the Full-Time Working, Part-Time Schooling Kind of Single Mom?

Do you remember when you learned about the types of families in school? We all fantasized about having the idyllic nuclear family; a  mommy, a daddy, and three perfect angels–a boy, a girl and a puppy, (what, you didn’t?).

Of course I was going to have this type of family, because I was going to find Mr. Right –my prince charming and we would fall ‘Savage Gardenly’ (did you get it?) in love and live happily ever after.

1-3aJviL20aQQ9XNeBrAVl3AWell that shit didn’t happen! Reality slapped me right into single-parenthood with one kid (whew! Thank God), no pets, bills, delayed goals and no Mr. Right let alone Prince Charming to live happily ever after with. Let’s talk about ‘single-momming’.

Are you a single mom? Like living by yourself with your one, two, three maybe litter of four kids (no offense to parents with sensitivity of clitoral magnitudes who have a problem with children being called baby goats, and now likened to kittens! Gasp!) kind of single mom?

Are you a single mom? Like the finding out you were pregnant while opening your acceptance letter to pursue your dream of becoming a criminal lawyer, a politician with a minor in  theocracy  (because law, politics and religion seem to go hand in hand) kind of single mom?

Are you a single mom? Like the working  8 hours a day (12 hours if you count in the time you wake up to prepare the goats, sorry, kids for school) then get home to go over homework, and review work and lesson work kind of single mom?

Tell me ladies are you that single mom?  Like whose single income house-hold paycheck goes to mortgage (because saying mortgage and then bills sounds more dramatic than just saying bills) bills, food, kids, your school tuition that’s why you can only afford a $10 bottle of wine kind of single mom?

Are you a single mom? Like whose kid’s father is an absentee deadbeat who never contributed a penny to his kid much less emotional support, you’re struggling to make ends meet kind of single mom?

Well if you’re that kind of single mom (and I know I’m missing a helluva lot more) I Salute You, Kudos to you and Happy Mother’s Day today, tomorrow and forever! ‘Cuz’ Parenting  when you want the best for your kid, ain’t easy for the happy nuclear everybody plays a part in raising the child family, let alone a single parent setting.

I know I know, dads are single parents too (cheers to you dads), but this is a post about single moms…


Any single moms out there? What has your experience been like? How do you cope? How do you control yourself from catching a case? Comment and let me know…



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39 thoughts on “Are You a Single Mom? Like the Full-Time Working, Part-Time Schooling Kind of Single Mom?

  1. Single mom of 3, graduate school currently. Put myself through undergrad raising my brood of goats (I can dig it!) and working ridiculous hours. But to the deadbeat ex (father of the youngest) I am nothing! I am a money-grubbing leach on society. Um, excuse me fucker? Where were you and where has your support been while I been doing the damn thing by myself. Don’t chastise me now because I lost my job for being a mom. Where were you when our son fell off the monkey bars and possibly had a broken ankle? Oh that’s right, somewhere in another state for work. Yet still couldn’t pay support. Don’t give me shit for losing my job when I lost it for caring for OUR son! Sorry, it seems I went off on a little rant. Perhaps I should save the rest for my blog. LOL

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  2. I have always been so lucky with my single parenting (same guy both times – split after the first kid, reconciled, second baby, split again). I am luckier than most and get it. My mum was a single mum and my dad never had us and never gave her any cash. My ex is a wonderful provider and wants to be with the kids so I am super lucky. I admire those women who don’t have that support. Life for them is HARD.

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    1. That’s so awesome… I’m fortunate to not have a deadbeat baby daddy… and while growing up my son was a family child…lol everyone wanted him for themselves. Turns out they don’t feel the same way about tweens as they do babies…


  3. I was a single mom and now I’m a single woman! Children are all grown and Gone! It was an awful time of my life but with the help of family, I was able to roll with the tides.
    Its now a more awful time living alone and the once babies are all gone….Tears!!!!

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  4. Love this post, I can relate. I was (still am) a single mom putting myself through college, grad school and then post grad, while working full time. Never married, never had the luxury of having another person there, or family for that matter. I know just what this is like. Honestly, I did it because I fell in love with academia early in undergrad. I didn’t have a problem with the long nights writing papers because my baby was generally up a lot. When I didn’t have child care, I brought my son to class with me and basically told my teachers to suck it! He was either always sleeping or nursing so they couldn’t complain. I’m totally following you, love the way you write. I’m new to blog world, and would love for you to check mine out too. 🙂 I have this dream that maybe my writing will make people smile or something, don’t we all. lol

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  5. THATS ME!! BUT THATS ME WITH A LITTER OF 5. School, hustle, cook, clean, sports, no sleep, homework, oh yeah my homework too. I have recently found my passion in the film industry. Have you heard the label “starving artist?” We are right now a “starving clan” or basketball team or just a complete wild and crazy family of mom, 1 sister and 4 brothers and lots of yelling and hugging and arguing but cuddling type of family. please follow my blog and read my posts about how life got the way it did and how I somehow have not pulled all of my silver hair out yet!

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