So Much for Super Powers… Pfftt…!

Growing up, my mom had this amazing super power of not getting sick whenever I’d get infected with the most contagious of whatever virus was rife at the time.

Chicken pox, highly contagious, HA! Not my mom, she would lather me from head to toe with calamine lotion with no protective gloves, nothing, while laughing in the face of the pox.

Conjunctivitis (pink/red eye)? Pfft, she administered whatever eye drops would have been prescribed, cleaned my eyes and did everything a mom would to ensure my relief.

All these things she did and never had she once contracted any of my afflictions.

Well, my son recently came home with red eyes and I was not in the least bit worried because my mom had passed down the super power gene to me.

Only, the most contagious thing my son had ever picked up was the flu and much like my mother I was immune to it.

Red eye, “Ha! Good luck trying to infect these eyes!” I thought. I got all the necessary treatments to administer to my son and felt confident in my super power resistance to the virus, so my only concern was having clean hands when dealing with his affected eyes.

He had to stay out of school for a few days because I knew my mother and I were the only people who possessed that super power and I really didn’t want him to be responsible for a full on ‘call in the HAZMAT quarantine’ of the school or maybe just his class.

The next day I woke up with a slight discomfort in one of my eyes but dismissed it as a coincidence, though, I found it strange that my eye would experience discomfort right when my son had  red eyes.

I still wasn’t worried, because correlation does not imply causation right? (does that even apply here…lol) Besides, I had super powers!

Well, two days, a week’s sick leave and too many blog posts after I am home nursing my red eyes! So much for super powers, pfft!OUKJ8L.gif







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14 thoughts on “So Much for Super Powers… Pfftt…!

  1. Lol. I guess your mom had contracted chicken pox on her childhood itself. If you get it once, it’s almost certain that you’ll never get it again, it’s just how the immunity to chicken pox works. As for other diseases, I’m sure she had a great immune system which I hope has passed down to you.

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      1. Haha yeah then maybe. Although a lot of times even an extremely mild infection (sometimes undetected) can do wonders to your immunity as far as chicken pox is concerned.

        Anyway sorry for digressing. I’m sure both of you have great immunity.

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      2. 😊😊😊 I see you trying to disillusion me…😂😂😂😂😂…it’s called super powers… what is this immunity of which you speak… next you’re going to start telling me it wasn’t the tooth fairy that left me that $20 bite your tongue… lol… thanks for reading…!

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