The Exquisite Art of Hair Braiding!

No this isn’t a tutorial on hair braiding. I am actually a klutz when it comes to anything that has to do with hair. In fact,  I broke down heaven’s doors  in prayer asking for a son because Lord knows that ‘lil’ girl child would have been cursed with bad hair days for most of her life.

Black women have taken hair creativity to monumental levels that even I can’t wrap my hair around (lame ass pun). I mean have you seen those braiding styles? Have you seen the intricacy in every cornrow, every razor sharp part? My gawd it’s talent unadulterated !  

a3e7db0d57b48cb1582cb4d2694d4309--black-hair-braiding-styles-cornrows-big-braids-black-hairEvery time there is a tutorial on how these women take all those strands of hair and create something so complexly phenomenal, I sit  in awe, unable to take my eyes off the screen, wishing I had the balls to subject my hair to the rigors of such a craft.

Unfortunately I no longer have the patience, my head no longer has the patience not even my ass has the patience to sit down for hours on end (apparently it doesn’t take so long anymore, what lasted like 10 hours when I use to get my hair braided now only lasts like 9.5) and submit my delicate strands to this trauma.

That and the fact that I had to get out with whatever edges I had left otherwise my hairline would have begun at the nape of my neck! At one point I was convinced my hair stylist was taking my nappy 4c high porosity hair as souvenirs!2013-12-15_06-03-31__hairpull

Seriously though, the hair braiding phenomenon has taken off  drastically with styles like crochet braids, tree braids, goddess braids, box braids, feed in braids and a whole lot more too numerous to mention that I can’t even begin to imagine.

I respect the craft. I respect those women flirting with DVT and possibly carpel tunnel and a host of other afflictions to do what they love.  I sure as hell wouldn’t do it. I remember once, back when I braided extensions in my hair the stylist had this ‘humungus’ cyst on her wrist, she said it came with the territory as she continued plaiting my hair working her hands like she was knotting a pretzel! Dizzying I tell yah!

So thank you ladies for the bad-ass styles, your sacrifice and your commitment to the trade. I seriously admire your efforts!


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