The Single Worst Thing Any Woman Can Do To A Man!

Men more often than not get away with treating women like shit, and some of them are (see how I didn’t generalize there, you’re welcome guys), well, dogs. Real ‘woof’, ‘woof’ sniffing each other’s ass dogs. But sometimes, there comes a time when women get the upper hand (because at times it does seem like a game) and these man-whoring, mendacious, trifling men receive their due comeuppance.

Sure, cheating on a guy destroys his most prized possession, the very thing that drives him to cheat (“because I can get any woman I want, I’m skilled like that”), his ego. But! Give him a jacket that does not belong to him and it’s a one way ticket to the ‘looney bin’ (at least that’s how it happens where I’m from).

Just when you begin feeling sorry for the main chick (i.e wife, girlfriend or fiancee) who sticks and stays through years and decades and centuries and eons of emotional abuse, infidelity, lies, and your regular shit treatment. She ups and pulls a ‘Maury’ on her man!

Where I’m from, we have this term “he get d wrong jacket or plenty man walking ’round wearing d wrong jacket’ (read it just like that and that’s how we say it, ahhh gotta love the vernacular). What that  means in layman Maury  language is, “you are not the father!”


Now this right here has been the cause of the deaths of many women in my region. A sad tale that speaks to men’s incapability of accepting the consequences of their foul actions and moving on.

While I do not condone this type of deceit (or maybe I do, some of these men deserve what ever they get) I cannot help but chuckle because it actually is hilarious to witness (morbid, I know).

Have you ever really looked at a man holding his baby for the first time, even at all? The joy, the pride, the love that exudes him is simply ethereal. Now imagine telling him that baby that he stroked worked so hard for is not his!

So apparently a man can recover all the years of child support from a woman if it is revealed the child is not his. This guy told me once, he was constantly summoned to court for child support out of spite by his bitter ex (of course he is not going to tell me the whole story, I just listened).

He said he couldn’t understand why she kept doing it since he was supporting his child; so one day while being berated for being such a deadbeat dad he requested a paternity test.

Fast-forward to the test results, he found out the sixteen year old ‘daddy’s forever little girl’ that he had been supporting all of her life and loved dearly, was not his (no, the results reveal was not as dramatic as Maury).

Damnnnnnnn! Imagine finding out after 16 years the kid you convinced yourself had your nose, your eyes and even a birthmark that looked “just like mine” was not yours! The guy was visibly unstable, he shook when he recounted what had happened. Lucky for his ex he was talked out of taking her to the middle of the ocean and feeding her to the fishes piece by piece.

Some women have not been so lucky.

I mean, I believe in Karma sometimes, but that bitch takes forever. Revenge on the other hand is a dish best served cold– hearted in this case. I am all for pay back and some of these men really do deserve what the fuck they get. But a wrong baby, that’s an entire human being, that shit is savage!

Some advice, I should probably be condemning this kind of behaviour, but only you know what you’ve been through and I still feel like I would kill my ex if I met him alone in a dark alley.  But ladies, whenever you plot those diabolical schemes be careful.

I don’t think I could ever do that. Of all the plots, none of them has ever included deceit of such astronomical proportions. I still get a good chuckle out of it (take that you piece of shit, that’s what you get for all the std infections, the lies, the women, stick that in your pipe and smoke it mother fucker)!tumblr_inline_opp57t83xI1qihv3i_500 Gawd that sounds bitter!

What are your views on this ladies and gents? Do you think deceiving a guy into believing another man’s baby is his is justifiable…? Do you think this is the worst thing? Let me know…below…!


Here’s how Tanya Stephens justifies it.


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20 thoughts on “The Single Worst Thing Any Woman Can Do To A Man!

  1. To cheat, abuse on any level is simply not acceptable !! And if they want to give a cold hard payback that’s fine… but like you say, to use an innocent child in any way is just pure evil!! So many women should never have kids!!! I still get shocked over some stories about how either mom or a dad use a kid to win a fight or get even.. no wonder there’s so much war going on🙈

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  2. I’d be upset at first if I found out it was not my biological child. But, it’s not the child’s fault. All that love can’t dissipate if the love was real. I’d be very upset at the woman, but not the child.

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  3. In no way is it justifiable. There’s always going to be a stereotype amongst men being more accustom to cheating then women are, heck it’s instinct at this point – by all means we are dogs – but going to a length as far as the situation mentioned is by no means tolerable.
    This trumps gender roles. My primary concern in this situation would be the 16 yr old child. Not only is the man destroyed, but it leaves the child in a state of feeling unwanted and confused.

    …next thing you know she turns 18, drops out of school, and picks up late night shifts at the local strip club, whispering in some guy’s ear (probably mine) “My daddy didn’t want me, do you?”

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    1. lmao… you’re funny… Jest aside I totally get what you are saying and you are so right. We create these societal pathologies then asks questions like “how did that happen…?” Seriously?!

      He said when he encountered the little girl having learned he was not her father, she called him daddy and he chided the poor kid as if she were to blame. I was like what the fuck did you do that for… Ugh… !!!

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      1. And so the path to the sunset strippers solace begins. All because daddy declined.

        …that is wrong though, blaming the child. 16 years is a long time, for him to do so with what I’m guessing isn’t without haste must imply he was never truly close to her. Unless he’s trying to make it easier on himself, in which case he’s selfish. Lose-lose scenario.

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  4. The thing is these men can serve it but they really cannot take it. But I don’t agree with bringing another human life, that is completely faultless, into your pettiness. It’s simply not fair, especially on the child. It is a whole being, a whole life brought into existence out of lies- at least be candid enough to be honest about that much. That will hurt the man in the instant but y’all can then move on together or separately!
    But I guess it’s a different story if the woman simply didn’t know- but they say a woman always knows!

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  5. The cheating is a whole other story…justifiable or not who gives a crap… But passing a child off as theirs to an unsuspecting man, absolutely no justification whatsoever it is just wrong on so many fucking levels!!

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  6. It’s an awful thing to do. And I paused while reading it thinking a parent really shouldn’t be doing the paternity test 16 years on, but that is the the fault of the lying mother. The entire shitstorm justifiably rests with her. Great thinking piece!

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