The Big 2 Oh Ohhhhh– Let’s Have a Potluck… ‘Bring You Dish and Come!’


Yayyy!!!  So I’m making baby steps toward that big 2000, 20,000 or even 2,000 000  mark (ambitious, I know)! But right now I am celebrating a massive 200 followers!

I remember when I first started blogging 5 months ago I thought people would just magically follow me because they’d  think my shit was  a lodestone of awesomeness!

I’d write, publish, then let it sit until someone discovered my blog all by themselves, they would get this light bulb moment and instantly know my blog even existed and come seek me out.

Boy was I wrong! It takes a shit load of work to get noticed, and noticed enough to even receive a like, much more a follow! But, I am trudging through, getting to meet amazing bloggers and building a great community with an awesome group of people who actually read my shit… BONUS!!!!

Sooooo to celebrate, I’m having a Potluck and you’re all invited! All you have to do is bring along the dish that you think I absolutely should MUST have when visiting your country.

I’ll get the ball rolling! You’d think I would recommend our National Dish because, well, it’s our National Dish right? No siirreeee, nope, I like our national dish -which consists coconut dumplings, seasoned breadfruit, spicy plantain and saltfish- but when you come to St. Kitts you have got to, must not MUST NOT leave this 68 sq mile rock,  unless, you have tried our forget-about-the-calorie-counting COOK-UP!

Cook-up or Pelau

This gem right here packs a delicious punch of flavour, filled with spices, herbs and just the right amount of seasoning (not salt and pepper).

There are  variations to this where persons use different beans and add or subtract what they want.

Sometimes I prepare mine with lentils which is one of my favorite legumes, but most times I use another favorite; pink beans.

What’s in my Cook-Up:



Pink beans

Chicken Wings

Salted cod fish (we say Salt fish)

Pork ( that’s the pretty way of saying pig mouth and pig tail)

Bouquet Garni- Thyme, Rosemary (sometimes I use Tarragon in lieu of  rosemary)




Herbs ( I think you call them scallions)

All Purpose seasoning

As far as measurements go, I eye ball everything! Preparation will be featured in a future post so consider this dish the debut!

tumblr_inline_o7ig3wrAcE1s64mft_500.gifCook-up  is usually popular on weekends because it’s like a party in your mouth and we all know what happens on weekends! (Partiessss, just in case you didn’t know).

Or it can just be the fact that it is a hassle-free one pot meal for lazy barely cooks like me.

So when you do decide to visit, stop by any restaurant and tell them KedawithanI sent you to try out the cook up and enjoy a 0% discount on your meal! 😀

Tell me, what are you bringing to the Potluck? What dish is a Must try in your country? Let me know in the comments!!!!!









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69 thoughts on “The Big 2 Oh Ohhhhh– Let’s Have a Potluck… ‘Bring You Dish and Come!’

    1. I’ve heard about this too… I remeber once I had lunch at a texan themed restaurant on one of the islands and boy it was great…bbq ribs and really everything on the plate was bigger😁😊


  1. We make great coffee – like proper espresso coffee. And don’t think of Starbucks. We HATE Starbucks. They basically destroy amazing espresso coffee. In fact, we dislike the chain so much here that it basically tanked as a company. They still exist but mainly in tourist areas. They had to shut down a shitload of stores. Anyway you have to be careful with coffee. There are a lot of cafes but many of them don’t know what the fuck they are doing when it comes to coffee. So you have to check one of the coffee websites or ask a local and get yourself the best coffee you will ever taste. The only downside is that it will ruin all other coffee for you forever!!

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    1. Lol… you guys are serious about your coffee… to be honest I don’t even know how good coffee should taste … on the very rare occassions that I do drink coffee I use Nescafe 🙈🙈 or Folgers. I loved the taste of Maxwell’s house too… lol but like I said I don’t know what good coffee should taste like… 😊


    1. My daughter insisted on homemade mac and cheese with dinner last night. I thought it would be a good time to teach her how to make it. Yeah, not so much. LOL. She played on her phone and mysteriously vanished from the kitchen a few times. The mac and cheese was good though. LOL

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      1. Girl, I make enough to cover after school snacks, dinner the next night, midnight snacks, and hell even breakfast if they want to eat pot roast before school. This momma ain’t about being barefoot in the kitchen 7 nights a week! Except to pour my wine!

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  2. Congrats! Now I am Italian and Swiss …. what should I bring? Well I would bring Cannelloni di crêpes alla fiorentina from Italy- you can bring only backed pasta to a potluck, from Switzerland I would bring my kid’s favourite G’hacktes mit Hörnli. For the first you prepare thin crepes and them fill them with ricotta cheese and spinach, roll them to form cannelloni and then bake them with a simple tomato sauce ( in the US they would say marinara sauce). The second is similar to a thick bolognese sauce seasoned with broth and paprika, served with small pasta and applesauce. As I already said, keep on the good work, bye Yela 👏👍🙂

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    1. Ouch…I just bit my tongue trying to say that🙊🙊 Well I had to google both of those and I love Pasta…the canelloni looks succulent… yum yum…though Im not a fan of ricotta…but i love tomato sauce it makes everything taste better…,😁…

      I had a bad experience with ricotta the first time I had it. It was a cannoli and when Alex Guarnaschelli made them on food network they looked divine and i always said i wanted to try them. So when I went on vacation and came upon them i was like yasssss… i want one i want oneeee… ughhhh when I bit into it it was gahhh…😵🙊🙊🙊😂

      And thank youuu by the way💕💕

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  3. Damn girl congrats on the followers, going by your likes and comments you have quite a few active ones!! I know what you mean though I just assumed people would flock to my blog because I think I am fucking hilarious…well kinda sorta!! But I am also crass, blunt and have no filter so I probably scare a lot of people away.
    Anyway I do NOT do potluck, there was this lady I used to work with, every time she bought food for potluck it was YUMMY and I always had some. One day after years of eating her potluck I went to her house and there were cats, hundreds of them…well 4 of them but they were climbing all over her kitchen counters GROSS!!! I have not done potluck since… But since you asked so nicely I will bring a traditional Aussie meat pie with sauce, just do not expect me to anyone’s food kay!!

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    1. lmaooooo… hahaha… gawddd I can see how that would be a turn off ewwwww…lol lord knows how many times the cats licked that “YUMMY” food…maybe it added the extra goodness that made it so yummy…

      lol thanks for the meat pie!

      I love your crassness anyway…!

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  4. My first thought was homemade Mac n cheese like a few others said, but have you heard of a big juicy bacon cheeseburger STUFFED with homemade Mac n cheese? My gaawwwwwd is it fricken AMAZING!!!!!! I cannot claim to be the creator of this mouth-watering phenomena because the credit goes to Captain Mikes. I would order dozens of them to go though!

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    1. 😂😂 you guys are cracking me up…you’re making me want this burger/mac invention… but macaroni and burger as in between buns…?? Sounds weird but interesting…My bro tried convincing me how awesome a mac. Sandwich was and I just couldn’t see it… lol

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  5. Well done on having 200 followers and good for you saying that you have to works hard. I am a Brit living in New Zealand and a veggie so would bring my favorite thing a big board of cheeses. nuts, fruits, crackers and pickles with chips and dips as a salute to the kiwis. I would also probably eat everyone else’s mac and cheese!

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  6. Congratulations! Damn…You’re really flying through this whole thing! That literally looks and sounds so good! I began salivating at the picture!
    The fact that I do not measure in my cooking is one of the reasons why I just cannot bake haha in African cooking, you kind of just go with the flow too and if you had too much of anything, you only have yourself to blame- should have tasted your food hahah I sound like my mother mehn.

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  7. Congrats! on 200 followers. If you visited here this time of year a trip to the apple orchard/ cider mill would be in order and while there you would indulge in apple cider and doughnuts. The doughnuts are deep fried cake doughnuts usually dipped in cinnamon and sugar. So that is what I bringing to your pot luck.

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  8. I’m an American living in Britain, so I’ll have to give you two national dishes. From America, pizza. I know it’s Italian, but swear it’s our national dish anyway. From Britain? The British just love their roast dinners–a big chunk of meat roasted in the oven with potatoes and a couple of vegetables. And a good dose of grease. I’m a vegetarian, so I’m going to go for the scone, which isn’t a main dish–it’s a light (usually), very slightly sweetened breadish thing made with baking powder and cream of tartar. You drink tea, you have a scone, you’re happy.

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      1. Of course. It would be rude not to.

        I was born and raised in New York, so I’ll admit to bias, but–ahem–objectively speaking, you’re right, the best pizza is in New York. And it used to be sold in little hole-in-the-wall pizzarias that all had a window onto the street, so you could buy a slice without having to go in. Now that Manhattan’s been so heavily gentrified, they’ve started selling goat cheese pizza with roasted garlic and god knows what else. The real thing, though (and again, this is all completely objective), involves sauce and cheese. And maybe pepperoni.

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  9. Hi Keda!

    Love the authenticity and reality of this post. I am also on a journey to have my voice reach as many people as possible and it hasn’t been anything like I thought it would. I can absolutely relate to you and congrats on 200 followers, that’s amazing!

    Also, I’m Indian and we love our curries! Especially paneer curry which is soft cheese cubes in a tomato cream sauce! It’s amazing haha, at least I think so!

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    1. 🙂 thank you so much…I saw that paneer curry just this week at the grocers and I was like eww…lol because I didn’t know what the white things were I didn’t read the packaging… lol… Thanks for the education…

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  10. I’m a little late to your potluck, but I thought I would through in here! Everyone would have to have a large donair. So this is a Maritime favorite and apparently we are the one who came up with it. Pita bread with donair meat, some donair sauce and tomatoes and onions. Love it!
    Great Blog!

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  11. Congratulations on your 200 followers 😊. I’m a South African living in the UK, but if ever you visit South Africa please try Vetkoek and Mince (vetkoek is deep fried bread – almost like a doughnut, but savoury). That is the best dish ever 😊

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