Decoding the Desiderata

Desiderata - Words for LifeGo placidly amid the noise and haste,and remember what peace there may be in silence.As far as possible without surrenderbe on good terms with all persons.Speak your truth quietly and clear.pngAre you familiar with Desiderata by Max Ehrmann? I always enjoy reading it or listening to it, because well, it makes sense. Anyway I found myself having to explain it to someone recently and at they end of my explanation they were like “ohhhhhhhh” so here’s how I decoded it. 


Desiderata – Words for Life

STFU as you go through life

Silence is golden

As far as possible don’t get in anybody’s way and hope they don’t get into yours

Tolerate everyone; we all have to share the earth anyway

Fuck diplomacy and political correctness say what you need to say

You don’t have to agree with what people say

But at the very least, listen.


Avoid stupid, cantankerous, clamorous and hot tempered people,

They can cause aneurysms

If you keep wishing you were like someone else, have what someone else has etc.

You could become suicidal

There will always be someone smarter, taller, and shorter, with a better looking ass than yours.


Pat yourself on the back when you achieve something,

Hell, buy yourself an ice-cream,

If you want to clean shit for a living,

Clean the hell out of that toilet and enjoy it

Once you love what you do,

It’s a dog eat dog world out there,

Watch out for the Ponzi schemers

But be not dismayed, you may still find 1 or 2 honest people out there


Be who you are; real

Not plastic

Yes, people pretend to love you but don’t let that dissuade you from love

For really and truly, heartbreak, heartache, happens to all of the over 1 billion of us.

Get over it


Listen to old people; they have more experience than you do (you don’t have to do what they say)

Whether you like it or not, you are going to get old and wrinkled (unless you die)

Quit trying to delay the process

Life is filled with mishaps; you need iron balls to handle shit.

God if it gets too hard, don’t jump

Get out more, have fun, be social

Don’t beat yourself up over shit you can’t control


You are a puppet of some greater being(I think)

Whether or not you get life is completely irrelevant

Your strings will still be controlled by a puppeteer

And ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.


Whatever you worship, whomever you worship, whatever you believe in; god, animal, stars

Bury the hatchet just in case there is a great beyond

No matter the shit life throws at you

Don’t let it drain your soul

With all its fakeness, failures and disappointment

Nature makes it all better

Think on these things

Still be bubbly, forget all the negative shit

And make yourself happy


Are you familiar with this poem? What are your thoughts? Does it inspire you? Do tell, I’d love to know. 🙂




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25 thoughts on “Decoding the Desiderata

  1. I found desiderata at 18 and thought they were the wisest words ever written. They are beautiful words to guide you and I think yours is a worthy modern day version! I have it on my toilet wall and will look at it with fresh eyes next time I’m in there!

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  2. I tried looking up the ‘s’ word you use so profusely but the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus does not have it. The teacher in me recoils when vulgarity, which seems to be the ‘tonic,’ quite unfortunately, in the zeitgeist’s cosmos, is truly the embracement.

    A lot of stuffs do make a whole lot of sense in the poem, thankfully.

    There’s a God, Jehovah Elohiym, who does not make any puppet of any creation of His. This is where I always disagree with the mind of philosophers. HE is so good that HE forbids worshipping HIM with another god, simply because another god can’t boast of eternal bliss. Any other ground is indubitably, from HIS protocol -the Bible, is sinking sand.

    Thanks for showing a liking for my comment on THE LITTLE MERMAID post.

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