Come Fete With Me- Sugar Mas Style!

22366597_1494100100627574_4060565114482068267_nOkay guys, so today marks the commencement of the most epic party in Carnival in St. Kitts/Nevis, our  National Carnival- Sugar Mas 46.

So for all you party, fun and culture lovers I will be departing from my usual theme just for a bit  to feature my island and  introduce you to our culture with highlights of the fun activities leading up to carnival; must do’s, our cuisine, dress, you name it!

So sit back and enjoy the ride, by the time I’m through, I hope that St. Kitts will be on your next itinerary!

Battle of the costumes have begun with registration for Parade Troupes already open! check them out below!

Meantime, here’s what’s on the agenda…

This is What’s up…!


Parade Day Costumes 2018





Stay tuned for more highlights as the events unfold. Tell me, what festivities do you have in your country? Let me know below and let’s have a feel good time. “We nah going home till d party dun!”



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23 thoughts on “Come Fete With Me- Sugar Mas Style!

  1. The Calabar Carnival is definitely the biggest in Nigeria. Lots of people travel down to Calabar every December just to be part of the fun. Looking forward to seeing more pictures /activities from the Carnival from you, you are sure having fun.

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