‘Lifing’ Requirements

We are all living to die, the only thing that sets us apart is how we make our transition there.

However, while we are here, I think there are some basic skills required to navigate this sometimes very daunting existence.

There are so many things I wish I’d taken more seriously while growing up, things I wish I knew more about. Things I wish I’d incorporated into my life and healthy habits I wish I’d harbored.

Ah well, you live you learn and luckily for me, I’m still alive and humans possess this amazing quality of resilience!

So while I’m being all proactive and resilient and ‘educationing’ myself, I’m going to share with you  some of the skills I think we should possess and things we should probably know by now and not only know but have a deeper understanding of, especially  since us millennials seem to be warming up to the whole adulting idea.



Change A Tire

(Oh wait, were you expecting something more profound?). I was lucky to be taught very early on in my life how to change a tire. That tutorial however was the only time I’ve ever had to change one. Do I know how to change a tire? Yes! Can I change a tire? Give me a dark road and a white floating figure coming towards me and Ill change that tire!

Read A Map

Can you locate the US on a map?  Can you read a map? I sure as hell can’t and apparently neither can South Carolina’s contestant in Miss Teen USA 2007. I’m ‘directionally’ challenged and pray to the navigational gods that I never get stranded anywhere with a map!

Common sense

Seriously people, don’t leave home without it. This cures certain levels of ignorance and gives an amazing amount of patience in dealing with those people who refuse to walk with theirs where ever they go.

Critical thinking

Remember when your parents would squeeze your mouth to muzzle you from spewing more bullshit and follow that with “think before you speak”? Please don’t tell me that only happened to me🙈. Think critically before you make any judgments albeit thinking these days seem to be a luxury people can’t afford.

Know your  fundamental rights and freedoms

And while you’re at it your consumer rights, labour laws, hell read your whole damn constitution! So next time you’ll know the police can’t keep you for a month of questioning without charging you with something🙈.


So after you’ve reached a certain stage in life, you have to resign the fact that you aren’t going to be rich and you probably aren’t going to win the lottery either. You’ll be getting paid shit money that you’ll have to budget.

Pension Plan

Unless you’ve been burying years and years of allowance and most of your shit salary or planning to work until you’re all shriveled up, you’ll need a pension plan. If I had that on my mind 10 years ago I probably wouldn’t become so anxious whenever I think about it now.

Social Security

Seriously, social security is a thing. It might come off as another scheme to get your money, it really is a scheme to get your money but when I’m out from the job for 6 weeks with no pay, getting social security cheques doesn’t look so bad after all.


I always said I wanted to retire by the time I was 35. I have some time left but I haven’t  been slaving given my employer enough of my soul yet to benefit from their very ‘attractive’ pension plan.

Imagine working your entire life for a company and you are ready to retire and they didn’t offer a pension plan. Okay, that’s far-fetched but are you familiar with your company’s pension plan? If not, get on it.

There are so many more things that experience and other people’s experiences can and have taught us. What are some of the things you wish you knew more about when you were younger?

Let’s compare notes in the comments.


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15 thoughts on “‘Lifing’ Requirements

  1. It got me thinking. I still have some chances to reboot as I just clocked 20.

    Money remains a big issue and I wish I knew more about it, saving, budgeting and the likes. I wouldn’t want to struggle financially in the next 5 years.

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  2. There’s so much that we just don’t know how to do in this generation. Important classes like home economics are being taken out of schools, too, so honestly, how many of us know how to properly cook for ourselves? We don’t, we live off junk most times. Things like sewing are forgotten about. Technology took over map reading for us, so most feel, why should I know how to read that? Technology does it for you. If the world lost electricity and technology stopped working, we’d be screwed. How many of us could truly survive?

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  3. What I never knew until very recently is that the garbage disposal is not meant for large quantities of food, like whole cooked chicken breasts and such. It’s really only meant to mash up tiny bits of food. Had I known that years ago, I’d have saved the many myriad landlords I’ve had some real loss of patience. You’d think someone thought I was adult enough to actually adult!


  4. Love this! You’re great at sharing such useful advice and balancing jokes with serious grown-up problems. I wish I’d known five years ago what I know now about cooking (burning) decent meals, putting aside (not enough) money for my long-term future, fixing stuff (badly), and that no matter how hard you might try some people just won’t like you, so no point worrying about them. Great post. Keep writing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Tom… 🙂 Right!? I think life is designed for us to behave exactly how we behave. We have to experience the mistakes, the bad choices… I try. Thanks for reading…


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