2 Ways Blogging helps with self-improvement.

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Hadn’t I been a lazy, demotivated bum (sometimes), that title would have read -‘Yay Me, it’s my 1 year blogging anniversary’ (because I hate the taste of the word blogi*incoherent mumbling*sry).

But, I am a lazy bum (sometimes) and my unceremonious departure from the Blogisverse earlier this year, -with not even so much as a ‘Dear Blog’ letter- is the cause for the postponement of the celebration of this milestone.

That is not to say I cannot expatiate on how beneficial blogging has been for me over the past few months!

Life happened for a bit during the first quarter of the year and I fizzled, I crashed and burned, the flame went out, I was totally spent; I think you get the picture. I didn’t even have the energy to think about thinking about blogging.

I did have enough energy to miss it though. Many things today, in this the 21st century, are still considered taboo on my little rock in the sun and blogging is one of them.

Not blogging per se, but expressing your unfiltered thoughts for the world to see “girl don’t tell nobody you business.”

The ‘blogosphere’ has proven to be a treasure chest filled with rare gems that have positively impacted my life and created an outlet for me to freely express myself and grow in the process.


how blogging helped me


As if you don’t already know! In lieu of a ‘lifing’ manual we are given the power of choice. We get to choose shitty decisions and make shitty mistakes over and over again.

We also possess the power of resilience which allows the vicious  cycle to continue  repeating itself until we choose to stop it.

In the interim however, it is not every time we make these missteps, we wish to share them with our loved ones.

Simply because we don’t care for the onslaught of unsolicited advice, scolding and down right disdain that usually follows.

This is where blogging comes in. It allows you to decompress from life’s bullshit (for want of a better word) without any filter.

There is no need to think about whose clitorial feelings you’ll hurt by expressing your thoughts or who you’ll offend with your opinions.

It provides an outlet for you to scream and let it all out without the judgmental stares and the recommendations for psychiatric evaluation (provided you have a lifestyle blog). You are able to re-group, rejuvenate and go back to grabbing life by the horns with renewed vigor and owning that bitch!



Reflective practice is something that is encouraged to aid in self-correction. A journal which allows you to record your experiences and how you behaved in such instances is also recommended.

You are able to re-assess your actions, mistakes, reactions and interactions and make better informed decisions in the future. When I re-read past posts I am so amazed at how much I’ve grown from that position and moved on to the next.

Interacting with other bloggers and getting a glimpse into their lives through the window of blogging also aids in this practice.

Being able to read about other strangers’ lives whose stories are so uncannily relatable, encourages reflection and self introspection. At times I’m like “damnnnnn I thought I was the only one.”

Sharing in their experiences create an intimate connection, even if it is through telecommunication channels, that helps you to expand your mind to new frontiers.

I have read so many posts that have been such an inspiration to me. I have been able to make small improvements everyday and that feeling of accomplishment and success is so addictive!


What about you, I can’t be the only one who has markedly improved since I began blogging. Tell me some of the ways blogging has helped in your life in the comments below. I wanna knowwww…!

Thank you so much for reading!

June is all about productivity! If you are lazy like me (sometimes) yet want to be productive, stay tuned to know how!

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67 thoughts on “2 Ways Blogging helps with self-improvement.

  1. I’ve only been on your blog as of recently and it is so clearhow much of an outlet this is for you. Which makes me SO. HAPPY. Humans are not equipped to keep everything inside. We are not flexible enough, stretchy enough. We will pop.

    So glad this has prevented youfrom popping. Even in the short-term, I know blogging has given me the ability to let out some of that “hot air” (for now, mainly coming to terms with a breakup) and avoid the epic pop.

    Keep writing, keep reflecting, avoid popping however you can ❤️

    Xo Charlene

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  2. Blogging is therapeutic for sure!! It’s also a great place to self-reflect and find like minded people who are going through similar things in life. And a little bit of ranting never hurt, either!

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  3. I used to be afraid to share what I wrote, so when I started blogging…no one knew who I was and they certainly weren’t reading my posts. But I was at least starting to share. I didn’t even tell my friends or family until three years later, but by the time I did, I was confident in my blog and my writing.

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  4. It’s been good for my writing, I think. I have to toss stuff off quickly–or quickly for me; I rewrite madly, but less than I would otherwise–and don’t have to worry about pleasing an editor. It’s been freeing. On the other hand, it’s been terrible for my writing. It eats my writing time and I’ve become more blogger than book writer.

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  5. ^^^ THIS. Love what you’ve said here! 😀 Blogging’s helped me connect with so many more people all around the world & my life’s so much richer from it. It’s so therapeutic and a great outlet to pour your personal feelings into. Fantastic read! Hope you’re doing okay 🙂

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  6. Love this post. I am fairly new to blogging (since January), so I am still learning the ropes, but it has been wonderful so far. I thought it would be more of a solitary endeavor, but I was surprised (and pleased) at how much networking takes place while blogging. I, being somewhat of a voyeur, love reading about other people’s lives.

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  7. I started blogging this April, so it is a little early for me to tell whether it made a change in my life. And I haven’t written much. But, one thing I am sure. I am really enjoying this.

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  8. I love your insight on how blogging has helped you grow. Blogging has definitely been a savior for me, being a new stay at home mom. I never dreamed I would be without a job that provides an income, but since I have taken this new step, I have been loving staying home with my baby. However, talking to an infant all day every day is exhausting and becoming a blogger for me was definitely a way to keep up with other intellectuals at the same level as me without loosing myself completely.

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    1. Aww…that is a great reason to start blogging…I know exactly what you mean when you say you don’t want to lose yourself… It really helps to keep you connected to the outside world in an intimate way… thank you for visiting…

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  9. So great to see the benefits you have experienced through blogging. It really can be a great way to hold yourself accountable to goals and to share your journey with others, hopefully finding some common ground.

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      1. Oh no! I’m not sure why that is happening. I have reviewed the comment settings and they look correct. I also logged out and went to my site, made an anonymous comment and it posted successfully – didn’t see any duplicated posts. I’m quite confused! Appreciate you checking it out and trying to comment, I might have to contact someone on this issue.

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  10. I am a newbie, and so far, this has been a rewarding experience for me too! Besides meeting great people like you, and reading wonderful posts like this, I enjoy the sheer inspiration that I get to take into my life out of the net.

    Just yesterday I read a post about “What does your garden say about you?” from PlantsandBeyond. I felt inspired to get back into my garden, and well today I did just that, and it was amazing!

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  11. Definitely think blogging has vastly expanded over the past 10 years – which I think is awesome! When I blog, I feel like I am in a different world – my happy place. I also feel like WordPress is a great community of bloggers overall – very positive. Also keeping a blogging schedule keeps me grounded and gives me an obligation to do. Lovely post.

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  12. I’m a complete newbie to blogging, just started mine yesterday actually. I’ve put it off for so long because I couldn’t figure out exactly where I wanted to go with it. But I think just starting it up and actually starting to write content that I know is available online (even if no one ever sees it) is a rewarding thing in itself. Posts like these are definitely an inspiration for me, so thanks for sharing!

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  13. I personally took out blogging as I love writing. Also, it is another way to vent out my frustrations or motivate myself to improve myself! Also, I would appreciate if you check put my blog and give it a follow! new blogger here btw !

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  14. I find I’m a little kinder to myself when making a public post about things, mostly because I know other people who are feeling the same thing may be out there and reading. And it helped me sort out feelings and express myself.

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  15. Your blog post was my very first since deciding to start my own blog ( I have a site, though no posts, literally working on them as I write now….), so thank you for your positive encouragement and reassurance that it will be ok to bare my soul, flaws and all. Happy Holidays and here’s to a kickass 2019!!! –Izzy♥

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