What Happened to Victoria’s Secret? ||Bra Review + 20% Coupon Give-away!


Now, I have had a love-hate relationship with Victoria’s Secret for a long time. You know the ones!

Those on again off again toxic type relationships that your mom warned you about.

The thing is, you already know you should leave, you’ve seen the red flags! A breakdown in quality? Check! The discontinuing of your favorite brands? Check! The let down from new brands? Check! so you finally decide to break it off.

But! You still stalk their social media and keep your subscriptions, then BOOM, there it is, in bright come hither  hues of pink and white; the renowned Semi Annual sale!

“Don’t give in girl! You know you can do better.” But you give in anyway -effectively forgetting all the abuse you’d endured over the years-, because bras which are usually way more  dollars.and too many cents than you can afford, are slashed to ridiculously low prices!

And the apology is so convincing, “revolutionary designs, extended sizes, sturdy fabric, fuller coverage,” so you forgive the bastards and before you know it you are ‘checking out’.

A shipping notification and perhaps a 10 day wait later, you are collecting your brand new shiny VS package filled with goodies, and praying to the bra gods that they live up to their claims.


Inside the bag were four lightly lined, underwire bras from the Dream Angels Collection in black, blush and pink zink (whatever that is), size 38DD.

Up to that point, they’d delivered on accuracy, as I received all of the items that I’d ordered, hooray!

Immediately, I was disappointed. While I enjoy trying new things  I’m a creature of habit (aren’t we all?!) and I always order the exact same bras.

I mean once you find one that works for you it makes no sense changing it right? Especially since finding the perfect bra is almost next to impossible!

But what happened to Victoria’s Secret? The bras, all of them were, sub-par at best. The material is flimsy, the straps are thin and stretchy. Support? Minimal!

Do they still know what Dd’s look like? How heavy they are? How much support is necessary to carry these boulders? These were definitely not the same bras I’d bought 3 years ago.

The entire construction felt cheaper and none of them, though the same size, same style, and from the same collection, fit the same. Spillage here, arm boob there, bouncy boobs everywhere.

Where have all the good bras gone? I remember years gone by when Victoria’s Secret was the only place I shopped for bras. They were viewed as the premier bra retailer ( or was it the fancy signature packaging?). Gah! The search continues for the perfect bra.

overall ratingMeanwhile, do you shop at VS? How would you feel about getting  20%  off the next item that you order?  If you would be as ecstatic as I would then you should grab this opportunity because this is probably the only thing I’ll ever be able to give away!

Why? If you have been following my blog closely, you would know if nothing else, that I am a broke AF!

I love organizing games and quizzes and competitions, and this is no different. To win, all you have to do is comment and  let me know your go to bra store and why I should try it, that’s it! The comment with the most likes wins, provided you shop at VS.

The give-away runs for one week. Winner and coupon code will be announced in another blog! 

The coupon is valid between July 10 – August 1, 2018.

What do you think about this review? Would you like to see more reviews on my blog? What about your bra shopping experience? Are you a DD and over kinda girl? Let me know in the comments below!

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An awkward 'adulter' navigating life with a vagina in her teenie tiny corner of the world.

39 thoughts on “What Happened to Victoria’s Secret? ||Bra Review + 20% Coupon Give-away!

  1. I gave up on VS bras a while back! I’m glad I did after reading your review! I’ve become a Chantelle and Natori fan. Maybe slightly more pricey than VS, but look for sales, and the quality is good! Have a couple that are approaching 5 yrs! Obviously I don’t wear them every single day. I find them at Nordstrom mostly. Good luck!! As for the giveaway…I’d still be in…for the underwear! ☺️

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  2. Ugh, I know. What has come of VS?? I LIVED there in high school and college (maybe that, alone, says enough, haha), but their whole strategy lately just seems super confusing. I miss the swimsuits! I miss sweatpants that aren’t $100! But, kind of like you *sigh* I still shop there. Have you tried Target? I haven’t gone to them specifically for bras yet, but I have been increasing impressed with their clothing game over the past few years. So, I think I’m gonna give them a shot at winning my “unmentionables” business the next time I’m in the market 🙂

    Xo Charlene

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  3. I agree with everyone. VS has become a joke now. The product is watered down now since the brand has gotten even bigger. I remember when buying a bra from there was like buying your first car, ok maybe I took it too far but you get what I mean. Pretty, good quality anddddd expensive…. amd not everybody had it. Now everybody has PINK and the bras and panties and tge quality is like sour lemonade 😕

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    1. Tell me about it girl…hahah…PINK is everywhere these days… you’re right…the products are definitely watered down and have gotten even more expensive… maybe they thought no one would notice?!


  4. I’m not a fan of VS. I thought they we’re the goto spot, but I found the same thing–high cost, low quality. I finally found a bra at Target of all place that I love, Simply Perfect by Warners. Though I also found one at Macy’s that I can’t seem to locate due to no tag and a fruitless afternoon searching for something that looked like it.

    The one’s I like are supportive but without an underwire. I’m honestly not sure if they would work for you. But, I definitely think VS is BS.

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    1. I like the same as you. I tried ordering from target, but it never showed up. 😦

      I guess I’ll have to pop in there if we go south of the boarder!!

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  5. I am having such a bra struggle at the moment. I’ve basically gone almost entirely sports bras because I can’t find any good ones that fit me well.

    I bought two bars(!) in Gatwick airpost because they were cute, fit well and I figured I could stop bra shopping for a while. Why does it have to be so hard to get a good one that won’t fall apart!?!

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  6. I have not been impressed with their bras for a while too now. Their quality is truly disappointing, they don’t fit well and honestly, I think they focus more on their runway shows more than their actual products. Nice post. I would love to see more posts like these. 🙂

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  7. I have just nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I hope you enjoy it, my dear. It has been such a pleasure reading your posts and following your blog. Have a good one!


  8. Now, l know that in truth l cannot talk about bras having never nor ever likely to wear one, but l do understand only too well the hunt for the elusive special fit. My partner Suze hates wearing bras but at times has to more so when at work. For a time she can get away with just a tee shirt under her blouse but not all the time.

    We have both been hunting for the right bra for her for a few years now, and still to no avail. The problem with bras is that there isn’t a quality model anywhere, irrelevant to brand. They are either too hard where they shouldn’t be, or poorly fitted, or terrible fabrics, it’s a nightmare.

    Many years ago l used to work for Dorothy Perkins ladies wear and l remember measuring women for their bras [yes lol, l always had someone with me], but even then in the 80’s it is no different a market to some 30 years on.

    The bra industry needs to stop making boobs on boobs is my opinion, so my good luck to you for finding the right fit, and a conversation l shall be following.



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