The Only Blogging Tip You Will Ever Need


I. Am. So. Fed. Up. Of blogging tips! SEO this, affiliate that, back link what? And I still don’t know what half of it even means.

Really?! How many ways can you re-package the same thing before people start realizing it’s the same damn thing?!

This is what blogging tips have been feeling like for me lately; a regurgitation of the same thing, repackaged, re-branded, over and over again!  Can somebody make it stop?!

Recently, WordPress alerted me that I’d achieved two milestones; blogging for one year and  reaching 1000+ followers, awesome right?!

With a milestone such as this, I should be ecstatic! BUT, in reality, my blog’s engagement is not a true reflection of this number, which sucks!

I felt pressured to come up with a celebratory post where I would dispense valuable nuggets of sage advice and offer foolproof blogging tips that had helped me reach where I am today. I came up with zilch!

Then, I decided not to make this just another post about ‘3 ‘things I’ve learnt about blogging’ blogging tips that had already been published over and over again across the internet.

When you make that decision to start a blog, your next step will be trying to figure things out. So you scour the web looking for guidance on just how to go about it.

You will find a maddening plethora of tips and advice on just about everything that has to do with blogging.

The sheer volume of information is anxiety-inducing. Not to mention if you even flirt with the idea of making money with your blog! That’s a whole other battle.

Throughout the tenure of my blogging career, I’ve had some missteps, been skeptical about taking certain steps and I have been obsessively trying to garner as much information as possible as it relates to the craft.

What I have found to be the most practical and enduring tip -one which I wholly endorse- is to tune out the blogging world.


If you are new to blogging, your first few months or maybe years will mostly be about branding, re-branding, losing yourself, finding yourself and basically figuring out exactly what it is you would want your blog to convey, –you know, the message you want to send to your readers on any given day-. Unless you have that aspect of it down-pat from the get go.

This occurs because you are so caught up with what other bloggers are doing and influenced by what it is they are saying  you end up either comparing yourself or down right mimicking other blogs.

You become anxious, you are distracted by the numbers, the stats, the follows.  Before you know it you are producing mediocre posts about things you either don’t know enough about, things you don’t genuinely care about or topics that are poorly researched.

Thus compromising the quality of your content and the very reason you began blogging in the first place.

When you tune out all of the noise -the advice, the tips and suggestions- you will avoid comparing yourself to other bloggers and be able to direct your attention to and really focus on building an authentic undiluted blog.

It is only after you’ve developed your blog to the point where you know exactly what it is you are blogging about, can you explore without second guessing your niche, your content or yourself based on what other bloggers are doing.


What about you? Let me know in the comments below some of the most useful blogging tips you’ve come across. 


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75 thoughts on “The Only Blogging Tip You Will Ever Need

  1. The blog tip that bothers me is the “You need to have a theme”. That’s just not true and I feel it forces new bloggers to focus on one specific thing. I tell other bloggers to write about whatever they want because the theme of their blog is them and their thoughts.

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  2. My only blogging tip (and the only writing tip I really live by)–be yourself! Don’t follow anyone’s “formula”, “method”, “outline”, “it worked for x,y,z”, or any of the like unless it really is YOU! I am having that “debate” with someone right now over whether Hunger Games dystopia is the only formula out there and whether people should write more than one draft. Listen to others (because that’s the polite thing to do), but be yourself! Don’t worry about losing followers, because usually you’ll end up with more in the end…lol. Readers know genuine when they read it.

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  3. My experience is the same – the amount of followers isn’t commensurate to the amount of traffic or participation. I have a little over 600 followers, yet I’ll get about 20-40 likes on average, and less comments. Because my blog is not commercial, I’m not concerned with the amount of followers. I’d rather have more interaction at this point.

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    1. I find that my followers can be grouped into three categories (no offense to any of my followers)–
      lurkers — they are following and might read/might not/or are very selective in what they read
      likers — these are people that “like” everything I post but rarely comment (based on how fast they “like” multiple posts, it seems like they just run down the list and hit like
      chatters — this is the smallest group of my followers that I can count on to comment on my posts and actually interact. This group also receives the most of my attention. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like everyone else and read their posts, but building connections is a two way street.

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    2. I feel the same way V. Id def. Love to see more interaction on my blog considering the amount of followers I have… but I blog anyway…☺ thanks for reading..


  4. To me blogging means, say what you feel about what you want. Don’t worry people will respond if they don’t like what you say. I usually blog about my emotion for the day. Yes most of the time I feel like I should blog about the products I sell, but most of them are common sense. So I post about what can motivate me for the day. If it motivates others great, as my sister says ” she wants to correct all of my errors and make sense of it all”. So what she is really saying is” she wants to rewrite my posts”. So sure there can be rules and there can be comments. The benefit of your own blog is just that.

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  5. The likes I get on my posts represent about 10% of my followers. Some people follow just to be followed and have no interest in reading posts. I don’t mind because my blog is not commercial and is just a way of expressing my feelings.

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    1. You have a new reader 🙂
      I will always leave a “like” for effort and usually comment, but unfortunately I can’t comment on every post I read. I try to get to everyone I follow at least every day or two. I am finding reading/commenting time is limited right now.

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      1. I checked out your blog…don’t know why it wouldn’t resonate with everyone (I’m sure most of the people I follow will find you as well…lol).


      2. It’s not necessarily about being in everyone’s experience, as much as it is about the emotions of recovery, self-discovery, and inner strength. Granted, I didn’t have time to read all your posts, but of those that I read, that’s what came through. 🙂

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    2. Ive seen that too… most times they follow to unfollow. I totally get what you are saying with using your blog to express yourself. I do the same thing… when I am happy, angry, sad, whatever the first place I want to express that is on my blog…

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  6. Love what you’ve said here! So true that blogging creates a great outlet to freely express our different experiences, BUT equally it’s so easy to get distracted & bogged down in anxiety over the numbers/comparing ourselves to other bloggers – how many followers you might have, how many people read what you publish, and so on – I’ve found that if you’re totally comfortable with whatever niche your blog fits into and what YOU yourself want from it, then it makes things a whole lot easier and less stressful to worry about. Either people will like what you publish and enjoy reading it, or they don’t and won’t. No use worrying about what we can’t control. Whatever you publish, if you’re genuinely passionate about it then it shines through in the content, and so many readers will appreciate that enthusiasm for a subject you love ❤

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    1. Beautiful comment…and great advice. I completely agree with you, if what you put out there is authentic and passionate there really isnt much need to do anything else is there…😊 thank you so much for reading…❤


  7. Blogging is suppose to be a way to connect with other humans and build a community of like minded people, that is what the famous bloggers say on their blogs.

    So far that has not happened for my, maybe it will or maybe it won’t.

    I am sure each person has their own reason for starting a blog but if it is only for the number of followers or likes then I think most will be let down in the long run.

    I guess the main thing is are you enjoying the writing and are you finding community?

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  8. Thank you for this I started my blog a year ago and got discouraged because I was comparing myself to what other people were doing and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted,so I gave up but now Iam back and don’t care about the numbers and Iam just writing what I want without worrrying about what people think or say,I just have the urge to write…I have just been through a rough time recently and it made me realise that you have to do what makes you happy as life is too short to be worrying about what people think..

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    1. Wtg…that is one of my mantras, life is too short indeed…. Yes it can get discouraging when you don’t see the desired results from what you’re doing… happy that you’ve realised this and could blog with renewed vigor. Thanks for reading and sharing your xp…❤


  9. Very true! I am all about just being myself and building my blog how I choose to. Comparing myself to bigger bloggers will get me nowhere. I have been blogging for nearly a year, where as those bigger bloggers have been doing the same thing for many years. We will all get there with time!

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  10. You know, when I decided to actually publicize my blog, I made the decision to stop obsessing and just be myself. The thing is, we start off by simply reading posts of the bloggers we can’t get enough of and without even knowing it, the comparisons begin so innocently…Photography, theme, content, subbies etc. There are a lot of helpful blogging tips out there, and I’ve read a lot, but this is hands down the best advice I’ve read thus far! Another great post!

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  11. I have been blogging since January, and it’s amazing how much I identified with some of the missteps you write about. It is very true – think about what you want to say, and then be true to yourself. Love it!

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  12. I mean the whole point of blogging is to have fun right? There was a time when I was unhappy with my blog, then I decided to write a post on how to make blogging fun so other people could be inspired to get out of the gist of numbers and all. You did a great job with that also!

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  13. This is great.. There is so much info out there it makes my brain hurt.. I know how I want it to go, how I want it to look and I’m making a conscious effort to be me and make quality work that speaks for itself..💖

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    1. Rightttt…?! exactly… that’s so true… and you do tend to feel happier and are able to write with more passion as opposed to writing what you think people want to hear…that to me is when it gets shallow you know.. thanks for reading… 🙂

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  14. This is excellent. I just happen to come across your blog and I am happy I did. You are correct. We could spend an entire week doing nothing but exploring ways to make our blog a success and in the end it probably won’t do a lot of good.

    It took me almost a year to decide if blogging was for me. I was not going to jump in and jump out like a lot of people do. So far I have been consistent. I post twice a week. One day I post about writing and on Friday’s I do a little thing about life’s lessons.

    A blogger needs to stay with it and, this is where you come in, stop listening to the so-called experts. Just buckle down and write your stuff.

    Perfect post. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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  15. I’m all new to blogging so I found your article very helpful. I’ve found that when I stop caring what other people think my writing/art is better.

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  16. Having just started blogging myself, I seem to be the text book picture of what you are describing. I am overwhelmed, constantly worrying about statistics and what theme to follow. I’ve read a lot of blogs about blogging and their content would say similar things. To produce great work, one has to neither feel pressured nor compare one’s work from others. And a post schedule would go a long way since it would put things on track and ease away the pressure of writing something for sake of meeting a deadline. Thank you for your post.

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      1. Oh wow thank you. I did not see it that away. Being new to this, I didn’t dare think of writing about useful blogging tips. You are welcome. I do enjoy posting down comments especially after reading a good work that really caught me interest.


  17. Great Article! I plan to start my blog again! I quit because I felt like I was not doing it right, I don’t have all the Social Media accounts, I don’t care about SEO, If I get 100 visiters/20 views one day and 20 visiters and 3 views the next I am not going to worry about it. It feels like every where you read people act like “Oh you have to care because no one will read it if you don’t have billions of views and followers” I have Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, I also have a personal FB page. I am going to restart my blog this weekend and have fun and not worry about the stats.

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  18. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve started and stopped many times because I feel overwhelmed. I’m ready to begin again and you’ve given me some encouragement to just do it and forget about everyone else. Voicing my truth is what it’s all about. Wish me luck!

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