Remebering school girl crushes ||Love Letters Edition

Dear Crush

Do you remember the first love letter you ever wrote?

I’m not talking about those love notes you passed in class; “if you like me tick yes or if you don’t, then die a very slow and painful death.”

No, I am talking about that letter, the one and only letter you ever wrote when you stripped your emotions naked, exposed your vulnerabilities and bore your soul to this person.

You sealed it with the confidence that your emotional appeal would convince them that their life would be incomplete if you weren’t in it.

Okay, in all honesty, I don’t either. But I do remember a poem, a poem I sent to a man I swore I would marry and have lots of babies with.

We’d have our own house, we’d have our version of perfection.

I searched desperately for something that would perfectly convey everything that I was feeling at the time. And there it was, in all its romantic glory!

Pierre De Ronsard’s “I want to be inside you”. I was recently reminiscing on my school girl crushes and while I was summarily rejected,Β  I still love this poem.

I Want To Be Inside You

A hundred times I wish I could transform myself
And become an invisible spirit that hides inside your heart
And seeks to comprehend your scorn
Which seems to me so cruel.I would become master of your emotion.
I would discover the pulse of your nerves
As they flow through your flesh and change
Your disdain. And then I would know you.

In spite of yourself, against your will
I would be a part of your desires and your terms.
And I would chase the coolness from your veins.

So perfectly, love could set fire to you,
Then, when I saw them burst into full flame,
I would step out and be a man again.


What about you? Can you remember the most romantic love letter you’ve wrote? What about poems? I would love to hear your crush story in the comments below😊

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60 thoughts on “Remebering school girl crushes ||Love Letters Edition

  1. So sweet!!! Pretty intense for a first love letter dedication!! How old were you?! I was a romantic at a REALLY really young age I wanted out like I wanted marriage and kids and the whole nine by the time was 12. Lol. I think I needed a boy to love me at a young age because I had so many missing pieces and gaps to fill inside… it was rough being rejected lol

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  2. I agree with Ely, it’s pretty intense for a first love letter.
    Some time back, in my teenagehood, when I had not started writing yet, I was dating this guy who I was so in to. One evening, I took my time to send him a text message of the My heart will go on lyrics cause that’s how he used to make me feel. To this day, the memory of it mortifies me πŸ˜‚

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  3. Babe, I can relate. This article got me drowning in my thoughts, back in the days when I used to have school crash but some way or the other I got over them especially when I knew I could not get them because they were into other people and above all I was very very shy.

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  4. Aweee that’s a very sweet and really deep poem. Screw him for rejecting… he missed out!! However, I don’t even remember my first love letter but I had a couple of crushes in high school that I never sought after.. maybe for my own good. Great post. Memory lane is always a good path to visit every now and then.

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  5. I used to like this lad in my first school. I used to this him and I were going out, this lasted for at least a month. I remember when I was sat on the bench with some friend and he came over, sat next to me and put his arm the behind of me.. all of his arm was readying on the bench. And when it came for me that I realised that I didn’t like him anymore I went up to him and I said β€œI’m dumping you” and he said β€œwe weren’t even going out” and I said β€œoh well” and I ran off to my friends xx

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  6. “No, I am talking about that letter, the one and only letter you ever wrote when you stripped your emotions naked, exposed your vulnerabilities and bore your soul to this person.”

    YES, YES, YES! I remember. It was in junior high school and I bore all my emotions in a letter to a buy I really liked. Someone in my class found it and I got so embarrassed. She even told him my feelings.

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  7. I don’t remember writing love notes! But I do appreciate you sharing the poem in your post. Wasn’t familiar with the writer, and now I need to know more!

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  8. Hihihihihihi the love letters, never wrote love letters though was too skeptic about them falling in the wrong hands, i did poems and used lyrics of songs. Though the majority stayed buried in my cupboards just one of my love interests got to see my writings. Took all the courage in me! Nice post.

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  9. Lovely post to take you on a memory lane. While reading I was trying to recollect some of the letters I received and have them still kept as a memories! But this one was funny – β€œif you like me tick yes or if you don’t, then die a very slow and painful death.”.. Thank god never received one of these :)… Best.. Backpacking Series.

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  10. I remember my high school days! We have a pen mate that time I’ll make a letter and then I’ll throw it until someones get my paper and that’s my longtime crush! HAHAHHAHAH! that’s weird right? that’s my high school old days. HAHAHAHHA! I miss my old school days Lol!

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    1. hahahaha… no not so much… I remember I had a penpal… don’t know what happened…we lost touch…thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts… πŸ™‚


      1. You are very welcome. Again I do quite enjoy interacting with people whose ideas interest me and gives a whole new perspective on how I see things. It is a breath of fresh air. And I love the way you write. Can’t wait to read more.


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