The Big 2 Oh Ohhhhh– Let’s Have a Potluck… ‘Bring You Dish and Come!’

Yayyy!!!  So I’m making baby steps toward that big 2000, 20,000 or even 2,000 000  mark (ambitious, I know)! But right now I am celebrating a massive 200 followers!

💥💥Blog Fete…St. Kitts Style and You’re All Invited 💥💥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have ever been to St. Kitts, The Mother Colony of the West Indies, you will know that we are a happy, feel good bunch of people. Waking up with breath in our lungs and sight to see another day is reason enough to have a fete and celebrate. My little 68 sq ft. mileContinue reading “💥💥Blog Fete…St. Kitts Style and You’re All Invited 💥💥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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