The Single Woman Syndrome

sweettreats.comAre you a single woman? Have you been emancipated from the thought that you need to have a relationship- a man or woman or children- to feel complete? Are you childless by choice? Continue reading


Giving relationship Advice without sounding like a Bitter Bitch!

tumblr_n96tacfsi51ru5h8co1_500.gifSo believe it or not, I am an advice guru, giver of all things sage, I kid you not! Where I live, people (those who know me) look up to me for advice, gasp! I even shock myself sometimes at how well I am able to convince people that I know what the hell I’m doing enough for them to want my advice and actually follow it too! Continue reading

Who TF is Mr. Right Anyway…?

I think it is safe to say that most women, if not all,  have been through a shitty relationship with a shitty asshole that we still imagine murdering in the most poetic way ever! (I’ve always imagined sawing his balls off with a dull rusty hacksaw, squashing them with a meat tenderizer right in front of his stapled open eyes then feeding them to him!)tenor Continue reading

Played: A player’s hand book for getting laid.

So I was able to get my hands on a player’s play book. Damn these men are pathetic. It turns out a player will go at great lengths to get into your pants. They have plays outlined for all the types of women. So I think I am doing a great service to share with you some of what I was privy to. Following are some of the plays -in no particular order- these losers use to get into your crotch. Look out ladies. 

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