Giving relationship Advice without sounding like a Bitter Bitch!

So believe it or not, I am an advice guru, giver of all things sage, I kid you not! Where I live, people (those who know me) look up to me for advice, gasp! I even shock myself sometimes at how well I am able to convince people that I know what the hell I’mContinue reading “Giving relationship Advice without sounding like a Bitter Bitch!”

Let’s Talk About Snooping!

While the world has seemingly been thrown into what appears to be a state of utter chaos; babies are still being born, people are still falling in love, breakups are still a thing, people are still cheating and desperate partners are still looking for dreaded answers to their anxiety driven suspicions.

While Searching for the ‘One’ don’t overlook the Peter Dinklages.

Okay, for a monstrously tall Amazonian like me, standing at a whopping 5’8″ without heels, try as I might, I just cannot avoid ‘overlooking’ the Peter Dinklages. Why? Well, for obvious reasons.

Side-Chickism and How to Identify it!

Like I’ve previously mentioned, I was a side-chick, a real stand-in-line-waiting-to-get-that-dick type side chick. You know, the wait-your-turn-it’s-my-day type side-chick. To add insult to injury, I was the third-string-no-you-can’t-cut-the-line type side chick.

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