The Single Worst Thing Any Woman Can Do To A Man!

Men more often than not get away with treating women like shit, and some of them are (see how I didn’t generalize there, you’re welcome guys), well, dogs. Real ‘woof’, ‘woof’ sniffing each other’s ass dogs. Continue reading “The Single Worst Thing Any Woman Can Do To A Man!”

The Exquisite Art of Hair Braiding!

No this isn’t a tutorial on hair braiding. I am actually a klutz when it comes to anything that has to do with hair. In fact,  I broke down heaven’s doors  in prayer asking for a son because Lord knows that ‘lil’ girl child would have been cursed with bad hair days for most of her life. Continue reading “The Exquisite Art of Hair Braiding!”

Are You a Single Mom? Like the Full-Time Working, Part-Time Schooling Kind of Single Mom?

Do you remember when you learned about the types of families in school? We all fantasized about having the idyllic nuclear family; a  mommy, a daddy, and three perfect angels–a boy, a girl and a puppy, (what, you didn’t?). Continue reading “Are You a Single Mom? Like the Full-Time Working, Part-Time Schooling Kind of Single Mom?”

Side-Chickism and How to Identify it!

Like I’ve previously mentioned, I was a side-chick, a real stand-in-line-waiting-to-get-that-dick type side chick. You know, the wait-your-turn-it’s-my-day type side-chick. To add insult to injury, I was the third-string-no-you-can’t-cut-the-line type side chick. Continue reading “Side-Chickism and How to Identify it!”

100 Followers, Soca Me Crazy…!!!!


So something really amazing happened today and if you haven’t guessed it yet, well, I hit 100 followers! Like holy hell yayyyyyy! First of all I want to thank everyone who has dared follow my blog! You guys are real MVPs!Continue reading “100 Followers, Soca Me Crazy…!!!!”

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