Wtf are you eating?||Island Life


Okay, Culture aside, people eat A. Lot. of. Shit!

You’d think living on  a “shithole” island full of people-eating savages I’d be able to understand why someone would want to eat the cow straight off the pasture right?! Nope I don’t.

I am still judging your eccentric diet choices and making that ‘ewww’ face whenever I see the runny yolk oozing out of a poached egg (I’m making that face right now just thinking about it).

I had the privilege once to experience a renowned Las Vegas Buffet. It was basically a smorgasbord of all the foods I’d seen on Food Network that I’d thought to myself “hmm, I’d like to try that some time.”

I tried steak, in all it’s bloody glory – yes that was the first time I had steak-, prawns -pretty sure I ate them raw because they were still grey when I had them-. I decided to try every single thing on the buffet. I definitely got side-eyed a few times when persons passed my table.

Unfortunately my palate or taste buds weren’t developed enough to appreciate the nuanced flavors of rawness and platelets.

It was a yuck-fest! The only thing I actually ate was pasta mixed with red sauce (I don’t remember what they called it) and white sauce (think it was some kind of cheese thing) which was FANTASTIC.

Of course this boils down to personal preference, but here are some of the ‘yuck worthy’ foods us islanders (me) want to know ‘why tf are you eating that.’



Why are we even eating fish eggs? I had caviar once and it. Was. Horrible. Yuck!

Live Octopus

Really!? I cannot imagine attempting to eat a big headed mop with spirally, spastic tentacles  sliding  suctioning down my esophagus or trachea trying to save its life by taking mine.


I love eggs, but sunny-side up? Poached? Raw? Hell nawww!


The only degree of meat doneness I eat is Over Cooked! Okay, no not really but, If it is  still neighing, mooing, bahhing, clucking, oinking or moving while it’s on my plate I am not eating it.


Um no.

We recently concluded our annual restaurant week and it was bomb! In a nutshell restaurants across the island had to prepare a menu using an ingredient, this year it was plantain. This fact is what inspired this post.

There are so many other things but I want to hear from you.

Tell me some of the foods you’ve had that you thought were gross or some of the things you think are too gross to even try in the comments below. So looking forward to what you have to say. 

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70 thoughts on “Wtf are you eating?||Island Life

  1. I cannot eat belly meat, tongue meat, or that octopus… especially after that video. 😳😱🤢 I can tolerate some varieties of sushi.

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  2. I am an American, living in Germany. An American who doesn’t eat red meat, or pork. It can be difficult at times. The grossest thing I see the Germans eat, and LOve to eat is Met. It is raw, ground pork on bread covered with salt, pepper and raw onions. They eat this stuff like it is their last meal on earth. I feel ill every time I witness this being eaten…my husband LOVES it. ugh.

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  3. you had me at the title – best. ever. title. Did i say ever?

    Im veggie, so anything with a face including Oysters is out! Of foods I ‘can’ but choose not to eat – cottage cheese and kale – why? Why would you eat that stuff! Barf!

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    1. Hahaha… thank you…😊😊 The first time I had oysters I spat it out…in my napkin. At the restaurant and I was not gracious about it. At. All. It was awful! I eat kale for the ‘health benefits’ *eye roll* cottage cheese… nope…im not eating that… period..

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  4. OMG that octopus…..have never been able to look at them, but now ewwwww!!! I live in a house of squid lovers and real carnivores – but I eat less and less meat the older I get. And did I mention I can’t …stand…. to look at…. FISH…..i have a real fish phobia. Those googly eyes, scales and flubbery mouths – very nearly veggie!!!

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  5. This post made me smile so much, it’s amazing! I’m getting pickier and pickier with food and ask myself almost all the time, why people would eat this and that. Even though, I try almost everything, sometimes I can’t help myself but shake my head. For example, I had Red Velvet Cake for the first time in my life today and it was just SO MUCH SUGAR! Why would you eat that??

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  6. People make fun of me because I am not very adventurous when it comes to eating. Let alone caviar, octopus, and sushi, I can’t even eat seafood at all. I’m just a meat and potatoes type dude. I know . . . boring!

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  7. I find that my taste buds change as I get used to new flavours, so something I used to think was gross, is pretty good when I re-try it later.

    Although, I’m up for trying anything. 😉

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  8. I don’t eat eggs – I have an unfortunate gag attack whenever I try. I don’t do mash potato for the same reason. I’m the same with lumpy custard like I got at school and I can’t eat porridge for the same reason. I will not go near octopus as the tentacles do nothing for me and FYI that GIF is gross! Urgh! 🙂

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  9. Lol I think sushi is an acquired taste, I tried it once and it wasn’t so bad, I actually think I’m ready to try it again. As for here in Antigua there are a couple foods people eat that I really wonder wtf?? e.g. rice pudding/blood pudding, maw, souse. Then I know of other island who eat frog legs, chicken foot etc it’s a no from me. Steak is a yes tho (medium cooked)

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    1. hahah… here, we call blood pudding black pudding…I’ve had it a few times it’s actually tasty…hahah… maw, that just looks nasty souse, they re all weekend favorites in SK I pass on them though… I’ve heard about the frog legs too eww…hahah… I haven’t acquired the taste for sushi yet… Ive never had it and I don’t think I ever will… thanks for reading


  10. I didn’t eat sushi for years, even though our oldest and youngest sons loved it, and would ask to go to a sushi restaurant for their birthdays. Long after the boys grew up and left home, we tried sushi when we were out with friends…and LOVED it! Now, I get sushi cravings about once/month. Why did I wait so long?

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  11. That clip of the girl eating the octopus 🤢🤮 omgggg but I couldn’t help but watch it lol. I’m a vegetarian.. vegan on my strong mental days 😂😂😂. However I can’t fathom the thought of eating chicken or beef or pork again. I watched “What the health” and converted the next day. Buttttt suishi is disgusting, fish eggs are the worst, clams, mussels, poached eggs, alll are disgusting. This is a good post. Makes you think about all the shit you eat 😂😂😂 and screw those ppl who side eyed you… its a buffett. You paid like them you just had a different mindset going in 😂😂😂

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      1. 😂😂😂 “eggzactly” that tickled me. Check out the documentary just dont watch it while you’re eating. It is a biased documentary though but good knowledge. It’s on Netflix or youtube. Let me know what you think of it.

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  12. I love raw food most especially sushi and rare meat. But raw live octopus must be my upper limit since I can’t imagine myself eating one. Although if the opportunity finds itself maybe it’s worth trying out? 🤔

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      1. Eating raw food is more of an acquired taste. I grew up in a house a hold with a broad sense of taste. My mom enjoys well done food with everything cooked down to the bone. My dad however loves raw food. Raw food is quite different really. The taste is more diverse and definitely has more juice into it. Cooking breaks down the biochemical aspects of the food and food looses more of its nutritional value. However the downside to that is you would be more at risk for parasitic and bacterial infections. But you only live one so I recommend that you should try it one day. Start with something mild. Try starting off with a medium well steak then go down to a medium and finally to a rare. It’s good if you would write down this experience. I would surely enjoy this good read.

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  13. hilarious post, I don’t get eating cows and pigs. I tasted octopus and caviar a few days ago. I don’t get either of them but caviar is like popping candy and octopus is just wayyyyy too chewy for me

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