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Hey yall! If you are reading this, then you probably want to know if I’m worth your time. The answer is, Hell Yes!

Waves from the romantic, naturally beautiful, exotic Caribbean island of St. Kitts (no we aren’t located in Jamaica); yes I live where you vacation. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my spot.

I am Kedawithani; an awkward, rudderless island girl trying to navigate life the best she could with what she’s got.

My blog is an eclectic representation of exactly how I try to achieve this.

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More about me…

  • I’m a 30 something adult who never wants to grow up.
  • I can no longer touch my toes
  • I am beautiful no matter what they say, words can’t bring me down (you should totally stay if you sang that)
  • I can’t apply decent makeup
  • I am a fashion klutz
  • My hair is stunted

Needless to say, posts about hair-care, fashion and beauty will be almost non-existent.

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Come navigate with me!

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