Adulting at 30 something and ‘Winging’ it!

stick_figure_walk_blindfold_500_clr_4540.gifEvery year I am charged with the gargantuan task of bidding the old year adieu and ushering in the new.

They call this auspicious day my birthday, which many others coincidentally refer to as New Year’s Eve.

As the curtains come down on the old year, this period is marked by reflections on what would have previously  transpired throughout the year and over ambitious promises of what would be done differently in the year to come. 

So what has this ‘adulter’ learned about life over the years? I could break out a ’10 things only an Adulter would know’ list, only, I don’t know a damn thing.

What I can do, is share some of  the realisations I’ve come to know from experiences I’ve had over the years. 



  • For starters a new year is about to begin and you are still going to be the same person you were a few hours before. It’s great to be all positive and full of hope but this ‘new year, new me’ bullshit has got to stop.


  • When your parents told you “when you grow up you will see how life goes” -or some variation of this- they weren’t fucking kidding!


  • Sometimes, it’s not negativity god dammit, it’s fucking reality; you are just being realistic! Not talking about the bad stuff that happens doesn’t make them any less real.


  • Life doesn’t only give you lemons. It also gives you bills and debt and slowing descending boobs, boob sweat, grey hairs, heartburn and ugh responsibility.


  • No matter how adorable you are, some people will not like you, they will hurt you , lie to you, pretend to like you, pretend to care and basically not give a shit about how adorable you are.


  • Saying everything will happen in its time achieves nothing, you actually have to get off your ass and make things happen. Things don’t just fall into place it takes a lot of work and deliberate effort. For me anyway.


  • Turns out yours are the only actions  you can control. 


  • Four months after a big chop, my hair has only grown two inches, which has led me to wonder if growing back  hair gets harder with age!?


  • Sugar really is bad for you, they’re not just saying so. But! If you are going to give into that craving, eat a cookie or chocolate or a cupcake goddamit!


  • The excitement of getting your own house soon fizzles after the reality of your having to pay for maintenance sets in. (you don’t worry about that shit when you live with your parents.)


  • Your idea of a hurricane or any storm for that matter changes when you have your own house, Why? Refer to previous statement.


  • The percentile that actually aren’t might be minuscule, but not all men are dogs.


  • Kids are easier to deal with when they can’t talk, walk or have an opinion🙈.


  • You will make bad decisions, stupid decisions and you will regret every last one of them regardless of how valuable a lesson you may or may not have learned from them. 


  • At some point, when you find yourself bitching about life, you will most certainly say these words “if I had the chance to do it over!” I wouldn’t have done this or I would have done that, but really and truly we all know we’d make the same stupid mistakes and not having life ‘do overs’ saves us from that.


  • “Don’t worry” is easier said than done! worriesflowchart


  • Life happens whether you’re ready for it or not.


I hate to sound cliche but life is way too short when you only have one to live, now go on and live that life, if it makes you happy, make those resolutions that you probably won’t follow through on.  Just live your damn life! See you guys in 2018!



What about you? What are some of the things growing older and life in general has taught you? Let’s talk about it over some birthday cake (Oreo cheesecake) and red wine in the comments below.

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54 thoughts on “Adulting at 30 something and ‘Winging’ it!

  1. Haha! I Laughed so hard at this! “You will make bad decisions, stupid decisions and you will regret every last one of them regardless of how valuable a lesson you may or may not have learned from them.” This is so brilliant and one I really struggle with! I understand we have to learn hard lessons, but I end up beating myself up and also being resentful that nobody told me not to (quit that job, stay at that other one for so long, start that dumpster fire, etc) Happy New Year baby, So grateful to have had your writing in my life this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Keda!!!! Happy birthday!!!
    You have my whole, entire heart!❤❤

    I think adulting is really scary! Like I don’t even want to be an adult! Don’t I get a choice??
    sigh… Just comes upon you like a storm and all of a sudden I can’t do certain things anymore, or sleep how I want😫

    I’m not even paying bills yet but my money just finds ways to disappear😞

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ☺😊😊 you’re making me blush. Thank you so much..

      😂😂😂😂😂 and then it arrives and you’re pushing forty🙈… my dad once asked me if I was afraid of money… because it never stays in my hand. ..🙈

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I love how raw this post is – it’s not negative, it’s realistic, just like you wanted it be. I particularly liked the statement about stupid decisions you will regret. But more than anything you will still regret not making any decision at all the most!

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  4. I have learned that everyone has a heart (even if it is buried a mile deep under shit) and their own story to tell. Life is a series of grey spectrums not a black and white line in the sand. Forgive where possible and move on. Embrace opportunity. These are off the top of my head 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much… I certainly did… you are ao right some people really don’t but if it’s inherent sometimes you don’t a say in the matter🙈🙈🙈… have a great year girl…!


  5. Adulting is stressful and some bullshit! The one thing I’ve been learning in my 30’s is to let go negative, lopsided relationships. I have no time for users. It’s not worth my peace or sanity. Great read again!

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  6. Happy belated birthday, sorry I am just catching up kinda sorta!! I had to actually create a fucking schedule for reading my blogs an hour a day so I can try get caught up!!
    Oreo cheesecake (spew) to each their own, I hope you got some!!
    Love love this post, so much so true…except regrets ima gonna agree to disagree!!
    You will make bad decisions, stupid decisions and you will regret every last one of them regardless of how valuable a lesson you may or may not have learned from them.
    DON’T regret any decisions there were made you cannot change them, learn the lessons and move on!! It is possible!

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    1. Haha… you created a schedule… wow now that’s discipline! Or is it ocd… I can’t imagine how you must have felt checking your inbox after your trip…

      Thank you😊 not being able to change everything and everyone was one of the hardest things I had to let go…I don’t know if that makes me a control freak (so ive been told) but I really had to give myself some serious pep talk to depart from that mentality…so it’s happening… slowly but surely.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. OH MY GOSH THE MAINTENANCE ON A HOME!!!! I rent right now, but my husband and I are planning to buy soonish, and every time something happens to the house right now, I can’t help but think…shit I hope I’m prepared for that when I don’t have a landlord to call.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah… I know the feeling… it’s not two years since Ive moved into my brand new house and the tiles in one of the bedrooms began popping up two weeks ago… I also had to deal with burst pipes every other day… had to change all the angle valves in the house…🙈 twas a nightmare… So imagine the horror when I heard Irma was headed our way…! Thanks for stopping by…😊😊😊

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  8. How have I not been following your?! I just found you on From Michigan to Germany, but then I saw your blog name, and was all, “Wait…I know this person!” I’m such an imbecile! Well, long story short, I’m now happily following you and I FREAKING love this post!!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Life has taught me that I was wrong when I thought of myself as fat and out of shape when I was younger. Now, as an adult I am fat and out of shape. I should not have been worrying about what I looked like when I was younger because it does truly all go to shit when you do get older. So many years worrying about dumb things.

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  10. Biggest lesson I learnt last year was – you just can’t help some people. The best you can do is damage limitation (on yourself) and just walk away and let go. It’s all you can do, don’t feel bad – it’s not you!

    That is a hard one to learn

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  11. I always just wing it and New year resolutions. ..Not for me! But I think you have pretty much outlined what life is Like or has been for most of us and we have all had that that rude awakening at some point…Well written and it made me smile 🙂

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