Get Your Kegel On Ladies

Get Your Kegel on Ladies

Okay, whether you’re googling the cause of that slight sprinkle in your panties when you sneezed, coughed, laughed or jumped; asking Quora how to increase your grip game or ‘Binging’ how to regrow your hymen (okay non related), the one thing that always pops up is; Kegel.

So today I was sitting at my desk, serving customers and working up a sweat doing reps and reps of kegel exercises.

I was so into it “1, 2, 3, release; again” and occasionally losing count when I had to tell someone “have a nice day.”

When was the last time you flexed those muscles and did some kegel exercises ladies (and gents too)?

I’m not going to insult you by assuming you don’t know what kegels are or the benefits of doing them. Ah what the heck, I’m ‘gonna’; just in case you don’t, didn’t remember or need a reminder.

So, What are Kegel Exercises and why you should start doing them right NOW?!?

Kegel exercises or Pelvic floor exercises are basically aerobics for your pelvis with a touch of strength training. They aid in strengthening your pelvic floor (PC) muscles whose herculean task is to support your uterus, bladder, small intestines and your rectum.

These muscles can weaken over time as you age or as a result of constant trauma to these regions;  maybe you birthed 20lb twins, had a surgery, miscarried; there are a number of factors which contribute to their weakening.

So when you laughed, coughed or finally decided to workout and then with every rep of jumping jack, you pissed your panties, that was probably a result of stress incontinence; something that can occur if those muscles are weak.

In severe cases, organs can prolapse, yes! I’m talking about womb, intestines all of that shit; strong PC muscles prevents your having that awkward moment in the mall where someone has to tell you “um, excuse me miss?! I think those are your small intestines there on the floor.”

How do you do Kegel exercises? 


Well first you have to find them. To do this, all you need to do is, stop urination mid stream, if you can do that then you’ve found them. Those are the muscles you contract hold and release for a few seconds at a time. This can be done daily, at least I do them daily and can be done anytime and in any position (except when your urinating which can cause bladder problems on its own).

Like any other exercise weights can be added to your routine to enhance the your results, no, not dumb bells; kegel/ben wa balls. These can be inserted like you would a tampon, banana, carrot or dick, with the use of a lubricant. 

Did someone say dick? Did I tell you these exercises will up your grip game to boa constrictor-like, vice-grip-type proportions. I kid you not, you will have him begging for mercy. Needless to say sex, orgasms, fireworks will improve tremendously!


Now go get your kegel on girls!

What about you? Do you practice flexing those muscles? Are Kegels part of your daily routine? Let’s talk about vaginas in the comments below.

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NB Ladies: Kegel exercise is not treatment for severe pelvic conditions. See your MD per usual should any thing life threatening arise. 


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53 thoughts on “Get Your Kegel On Ladies

  1. Yes!! Tighten that shit up like a boa constrictor. Have them boys wondering what the fuck is happening down there! Pure ecstasy for them. I only birthed one child out of 3 naturally, but after 5 abdominal surgeries, my pelvic floor was a bit weak. Kegals are your friend ladies and gents!

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  2. Yes, get them strong & bouncy ladies, for your own health, wellbeing & pleasure first. Just to clarify though: it’s not good to keep stopping the flow of urine when you pee- do it once to find those muscles, then ideally you just try to ‘slow the flow’ a few times a day, but never stop it (that confuses the bladder). Great post, and a good reminder, thanks *squeezing away here in Australia 😃🌴

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    1. You got it! I’m happy I could have sensitized you to the beautiful wonders of Kegels. :DDDD

      If you are just starting out you should probably opt for a lying position which is what is recommended for beginners. To me it doesn’t make a difference once you’ve got the right muscles.

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  3. My Kegal muscles were totally and completely screwed and I could pee my pants just moving the wrong way, I bought some kegal balls hoping they would help, I could not even keep those suckers in me for 3 seconds!!
    So I took drastic measures and had surgery!! Best thing I ever freaking did!

    But Yes!! If it is not too late for you like it was for me, get those pelvic floor muscles working and save yourself a bunch of money by not having to invest in poise!!

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  4. great advice – want to weigh in that if one is having urinary probs, see a doc – a dear friend of mine just had surgery for incontinence & wishes she’d had it done ages earlier

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  5. Great post on a subject that is still only really talked about in relation to childbirth……or by doctors who fob any female probs off on stress incontinence!!! I wish I was as good as you at doing them – hmmm, maybe will have to train myself whilst going through Sat & Sun blog share!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha… so I’ve heard… but I’m wondering where all the contents would go when I sit… or jump? Would it spill? does it just seal everything up like a dam?🙈 so many questions… what happens when I sit down…?

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