Cheers To the Kid Free Weekend!

Single parenting isn’t easy, so excuse me if I break out the fireworks, confetti, party poppers, spiked punch and throw myself a commando party in celebration of longer sleeping hours, turned down pots and no kid!

tenor (2).gifRaise your glasses (or bottles) with me and celebrate the comforting thought of not having to, for one day out of the week, wake up, cape up at an ungodly hour and carry out the  rigorous task of mommying.

Many a mornings I’ve had to abruptly interrupt dreams of grandeur to assume mommy role. That is, crawl out of bed 3 hours after having just gone to bed; disoriented and sparing my pillow the usual wet ‘slathery’ assault as the fresh drool is just about to make its descent. ‘Crusties’ still wet and me fumbling for my slippers in the dark still night.

My day begins with my eyes half opened, the clanking of pots and pans, breakfast to prep, lunch bag to pack while the kid is getting his beauty rest.

The thought just dawned upon me that tomorrow Monday is one of those days! Woohoooo….!!!!

All you parents out there what is your prep schedule like? What do you do when the kids are away? How do you celebrate this fleeting emancipation?




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9 thoughts on “Cheers To the Kid Free Weekend!

  1. When my kids are”out” I sleep weeell,snack and watch my series peacefully without having to search for remote for 30 minutes. Phwww.. I inhale and enjoy my space… But it never lasts looong. Lol!

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  2. Now all my children are gone, I stay in bed and just remeinice of the moments when the weekends were very dramatic and teadous !
    I miss them all! Wondering when would I see them again….TEARS!!!!!


  3. As a teacher I hate my pupils returning from a long weekend or holiday.
    They are completely out of control as they had the time of there life’s doing just what they wanted at the time they wanted to do there stuff.

    Normally it takes us the whole week or semester to make the pupils somewhat civilized.

    And now you are telling us you had a hard time by entertaining your kid?

    Kind regards,

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