The Deathly Plight Of Women!

It shatters my heart every time I hear the sad tale of a woman whose life was lost  at the hands of domestic violence.

On  5th  October, 2017 a Guyanese woman was hacked to death in her home by a man who authorities are describing as a close family friend.

The body of 39 year old Kenesha Sheriff Fraser was found in a pool of blood, naked on the floor of the house she shared with her husband and their three children.

Pictures of the crime scene soon emerged and proliferated social media. Pictures that depicted vulnerability, insensitivity and pure evil.

When I got the notification that a message had arrived, I unsuspectingly opened my whatsapp to a sight I wish I could have unseen.

There she laid, the lifeless body of this woman bearing a slash across her chest as if her murderer was attempting to inscribe the letter A.

A slash so deep that her children surely must have felt the pangs of her suffering.

A sight that could only ever be seen at a slaughter house!

This woman, this naked woman cut down, chopped again and again  by  a weak pathetic blight of nature.

Her life cut short, her presence brutally and permanently plucked from the lives of her loved ones.

What must have possessed this man, this creature to reign such terror on this woman?

Who bestowed upon this miscreant the right to obliterate the existence of another human being? Rendering her a mere memory.

Kenesha, I did not know you and probably never would have even shared a plane seat with you, but I mourn the loss of your life as if you were flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood.

I weep for your children, our children. It is my hope that time will hasten its therapeutic balm to comfort your family in this melancholic period.

I do not care for the ‘whys’ this was done, the speculative ramblings as to the reason behind this iniquitous act. Who the fuck even cares? There’s no rationalizing this.

That your family finds solace in the memories that were created is my last wish for you.

RIP Lady!





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22 thoughts on “The Deathly Plight Of Women!

    1. OMG! This is so painful if you ask me. Reading this article really makes me wonder! What was going through the mind of this man when butchering this woman as described in your article?
      We may hear different tales but no one has the Authority to dismiss one’s life like that of an animal,
      slaughtered for consumption! May her soul RIP and her family finds comfort in prayers…..


  1. My heart breaks. I work in a motel. I once turned a woman away from the motel. She was fleeing an abusive relationship. I refused her a room, she had kids and very limited $$$. Instead we called the local shelter, and made arrangements for someone to pick her up and get her to safety.

    Another time, a man brought his neighbor in. He said she needed time to think. He paid for a room for her and for her children for two or three nights. I put his name on the room, and no one knew she was there.

    The thought of women, children and animals being abused at the hands of other humans makes me angry. When I can do something personal-I do.

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  2. It’s a terrible thing to read about someone being killed like this. I don’t not will I ever understand the mind of someone that willingly slaughters another person in cold blood. I understand killing in defense against a home invader or something all by those lines. But to offensively kill and mutilate is insane. I am very sorry for this woman and her family and I hope the animal responsible gets the death penalty.

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